Wednesday 23 March 2011

Here's some things I like watching.

So Shimelle's prompt today is around linking to things we perhaps enjoy or have found on the net. I have decided to tell you about some TV programmes I love.

For the last 9 Saturday nights I have been recording The Killing on BBC4. Set in Copenhagen and told over 20 episodes it revolves around the murder of a young student and the police investigation.. To say there have been more red herrings than you would find on board a fishing vessel is putting it mildly, and there are only 2 episodes to go. If you have missed it, I hope you can get it on iplayer because it is one of the best crime dramas I have seen in ages. The story is convoluted but I still dont know who done it.

 Bones, well what can I say. It follows the early professional life of forensic anthropologist Dr Temperence Brennan, a character based on the real-life author and forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs. This crime drama series is based in Washington and has a great cast and well imagine stories which are usually completed within the hour but sometimes have longer story arcs. Fun, gritty and thought provoking.

 Being Human another BBC 3 series, just ended it's 3rd season and now being re-imagined as a USA drama, it tells the unusual story of a ghost, vampire and werewolf sharing a bed and breakfast together in Barry Wales. Orignally in set in Bristol, they moved to escape repercussions from a massive murder. Funny, gory and human in it's characterisations of inhuman individuals, this series is truly an original.

CSI:Las Vegas is the first in a franchise of crime dramas named after the city they are based in. Following the Crime Scene Investigation teams usually on 2 cases in one episode it involves the postmortem, forensic evidence collection and how that leads you to the criminal, through quite alot of complex science. Well worth a dip into.

In view of the TV choices today, I feel some Echo and the Bunnymen might be in order so for ur delectation I give u the Killing Moon, get it?


  1. We love Bones here as well....and definate CSI addicts.....well....CSI Vegas and New York.....the guy in CSI Miami just annoys us!!
    With my love of crime dramas....don't know how I missed The Killing.

  2. Not seen the Killing but I love and watch all of the other programmes (watching Bones as I type in fact!!)Sad to see the end of Being Human, I watch all the CSI's, CSI Miami used to be the most watched TV programme worldwide not sure if it is still tho!

  3. Great list :) ... I'm another fan of Bones and CSI ... although only the Vegas and NY one. I know strange LOL.

    I like the idea that we're learning more about you ;)

  4. A bit of Ech and the Bunnymen is ALWAYS in order round here :)

  5. I spy a bit of a theme here! I haven't actually ever seen *any* of these... I don't watch a lot of TV though xx

  6. Ditto Mel! I haven't seen any of these either :o


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