Friday, 25 March 2011

Pretty pictures.

I love photography even though I'm not very good at it and find looking other people's blogs amazing, pictures seem to come so easily to them. One case in point is Amy who takes the most incredible shots of weddings, interiors and children. She has ''that eye'' for the picture which somehow I miss. However, all is not lost as I have discovered the wonderful Hipstamatic for iphone.
I bought the initial app ages ago not really appreciating what it could do but now I lurve it in general. You can buy as many different lil lenses, films and flashes as you want...............I am the proud owner of them all and most only cost 50pence so it's not exactly bank breaking. All the photos come out square and u do have to be careful when you print them as I discovered to my dismay when buying pictures. You need to really print them yourself or else they print as normal 4x6 prints and you lose the context. Anyway, I love using the different films etc and you can get some cool effects, even if your picture taking is bad, it hides a wealth of sins. Here are some examples of pictures I have taken:

 This photo was taken using a red colour picker on Hipstamatic to make the autumnal colours really pop and it definately made a massive difference to the overall effect.

 I wanted a truly vintage feel to this photograph and I managed to get it with a vintage coloured film and camera mode.
 I love the grungy feel and canvas effect I got on this picture

This one of Willow makes her appear very regal, yes I know she loves herself but if you photographed that well wouldnt you? I love the framing on this picture.

Of course if you enjoy tinkering on Photoshop or Picassa for example, you could get similar effects but hey we dont all have the time or talent so why not use a simple but seriously effective alternative.

And finally it's the weekend, so something abit more relaxing and as it's sunny I thought we'd go to the beach today with my musical choice. This comes from a favourite film called Shelter and is used at the end, I only have a clip from the film so you have to watch the ending I'm afraid but the song is lovely. It's called Goin Home by Bill Ferguson...................


  1. I would love an iphone but only for the photo apps. My DSLR has been sent away to be repaired :-(

  2. I so need an iPhone!! Just waiting for my current contract to run out.... These look great, Jo xx

  3. I only have the free download of the app ... but I'm thinking I may well buy the whole thing, as your photos are lovely. I've never actually printed from it though. uuummm, I'm thinking I may well do that at the weekend.

  4. You are far too kind Jo :-) The truth is, I am technologically challenged and live in the dark ages, I have a dodgy old hand-me-down phone from TE and would have no clue how to acquire or use the Hippstamatic app .... you have applied it beautifully, I love the shot of the carousel and I think it was a great pity I couldn't drop by to share a glass of fizz with you! :-)

  5. I agree that Amy has a fabulous eye. I love, lvoe, love the carousel photo. A perfect use of the app. I only have the basic hipsta app and use it for my JYC this year. Did you see the post Shimelle did on scrapbooking hipstamatic pictures? It had gret suggestions for printers in the US and UK.

  6. ooh i'll have to go back to that blogpost, thanx maria,
    Jo xxx

  7. I love hipstamatic too! The new lenses are good aren't they? :)


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