Thursday, 23 June 2011

52 lists: things I learnt from my father.

A little late this week but at least I did it with a BIG reminder from Mel................

It didn't take me long to write this one either:

  • How to drive......................yes my dad was a very brave fellow and let me get in his Vauxhall Cavalier and drive from Storrington to Worthing several times a week,
  • ''Always read the exam paper thoroughly before you even pick up your pen Jo'', a piece of advise I have retained and passed on over the years as a friend and teacher,
  • How to tie and school tie and do long division,
  • Patience, my Dad is the most patient person I know and when he isn't you know it's something big driving him mad. He also has the best temper and loses his temper so rarely that if he does it is major,
  • A love of gardening, my dad always has loads of plants growing and loves nothing better than pottering around in his shed and greenhouse,
  • John our house the JW western was the big film and I was brought up on the classics. 
  • dad has a beautiful tenor voice and has sung since I can remember. He always encouraged me and my sister in our studies. I played piano, flute and sang and my sister learnt the clarinet,
  • Love.............................need I say more?
And for all the people who left wonderful comments about his father's day card, he cried, bless him.


  1. This is such a beautiful post filled with lovely things about your Dad to remember Jo, I must do something similar myself ... your Dad sounds like a wonderful man!

  2. I love the photo.

    I didn't have too many years with my Dad, but I did learn from him all the same. Your post has got me thinking

  3. How lovely to have a Dad that you can say all that about Jo:) Sadly my Dad only taught me how NOT to treat your children.

  4. Great list, Jo :) And another lovely tribute to your Dad! (I'm not surprised he cried when you gave him the card, it was very lovely xx)

  5. You'd be welcome Jo, with or without cupcakes:)From your description of the building you live in, I'm thinking you're not a million miles away from me!


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