Monday, 11 July 2011

52 lists: things I need to let go of....................

This week is quite a hard one for me as I am such a hoarder, not only of ''things'' but of feelings and emotions, so I will warn you, this could get dirty!

  1. I  need to let go of the feelings of negativity which have haunted me for most of my life,
  2. I will never be slim not for want of trying but because the medication I take makes me that way and keeps me sane.
  3. The anger I feel about injustice in this world,
  4. The need to try and please others all the time,
  5. To have all the scrapbooking stuff I want but can't afford and just use what I already have,
  6. Fear of that possible?
  7. The pain of being unmarried and childless,
  8. The person I want most in the world but can't ever have.

What do you need to let go of?

Jo Jo xxx


  1. I wish I could not be the kind of person who always imagines the 'worst case scenario'. It causes me so much worry and stress but I always do it and I wish I didn't. Some things are hard to change aren't they?

  2. another really honest post Jo thank you xxx


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