Thursday 28 July 2011

52 lists: Ways to be a great companion.

As I am  singleton, I have had to think a bit outside the box on this one but have come down Ways I think I could be a better companion:

I think communication is vital. Not just talking but really listening to your partner, something we learnt about in counselling courses I have attended.

Never go to bed on an arguement, a philosophy which many friends have said is important for them,

Have some similar interests as well as different things you love to do, so you will never get bored,

Have an idea of the goals you want for your relationship and your life together especially if you are married,

Make sure you go out on a date night even if you have children, making time to spend with your partner is special and enables you to focus on yourselves as a partnership and not just as parents,

Telling each other ''I love you'' awwww..............................

How many of these things do you do with your companion to make life special?


  1. This is a very sweet post Jo and very very true. I think being honest is also very important, certainly works for the boy and me! xxx

  2. We are great believers in having hobbies and interests outside the collective 'us' - time for yoursleves to grow and learn and also then something else to invigorate you and talk about other than the kids and work.

  3. Oh, lovely picture, lovely post!


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