Friday, 15 July 2011

Going Postal

Here is my first blog for the Going Postal themed blogposts hosted by Julie Kirk which I talked about yesterday. I am a hoarder, as I have said before, not because I am a bad declutterer but I love memories. What better way is there to cheer yourself up with some old memories which warm your heart and soul with a golden glow of times gone by? Well I have a special box of these, it contains all the letters I have ever had from my friends and family. When I feel sad or lonely I get them out to read about the happy times I have had.

The letters smell old and some are fading but what's inside them is alive and vibrant. Just sifting through them I can see some of the stories I will read, stories of being a young nurse in London, clubs and parties we went to , bad TV we watched, bad TV my sister watched and told me in full detail just in case I'd been on the wrong shift and missed it. Words from proud grandparents wanting to tell you about their flower exhibit at church or latest gossip. Letters from home and abroad.

Looking through for this post, it made me smile to see that back way back when postage had been 13 pence! Now that was a while back. I dread to think how much it costs now. The addresses also tell me the different places I lived while a student. Initially I lived at Mile End nursing home, then we were moved up to the main Whitechapel nursing home ''The Luckes''. After the first year, I then moved to the modern flats in John Harrison House and had 2 different rooms there..............they were plush compared to the rest. I have to say that none of these building exist anymore apparently as they were demolished to make way for more modern hospital building at The London.

My letters help me to place events into perspective and as I never kept a diary they will aid my scrapbooking of my days as a student nurse next to my memories of specific events.


  1. Lovely post Jo.

    Isn't it always the small things, that don't strike you as vital at the time - which can whisk you right back to a time + place you'd forgotten?

    Thanks so much for joining in! [You're the 1st!] :-D

  2. love this Jo. Real treasures for you to keep and look at.

  3. How lovely to see all those old stamps on the envelopes Jo. I have a boxful from my student days, including several from my beloved Gran, no longer with us, but I can still read her words whenever I like:)

  4. It's a bit sad to think that the days of sending letters is almost over, everything is so electronic now. And it's just not the same looking back on emails is it?!
    Great post (blog post and mail photo!) x

  5. I completely love this post. I'm doing a catch up here and haven't seen Julie's blog yet, but it sounds like I'm going to enjoy it! I have all my old letters and I'm so glad I kept them - I love how yours have conjured up memories for you


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