Sunday 31 July 2011

Rinda's scavenger hunt part 2

So today I went on a local jaunt armed with my trusty camera for the last day of Week in the Life and also discovered some pictures for Rinda's scavenger hunt on the way. Here is the original list with the ones I've got so far :

1. A picture of your entire team (or a self-portrait, if you're playing alone).
2. A museum
3. A camp fire (or fire in a fireplace)
4. A protest, town hall meeting or other political activity
5. A hand lettered sign selling something or giving directions
6. A person dressed as a pirate
7. A decorated mailbox (Non-U.S. participants may substitute a piece of garden sculpture)
8. Your country's flag
9. A festival or fair
10. A wooden bridge
11. A forest
12. A unicycle
13. A cemetery of historical significance or with an interesting story.
14. A castle
15. Graffiti art (not just graffiti and not just a wall mural)
16. A building made of metal or glass
17. Rain
18. A person sketching or painting outside their house
19. A beehive or an ant farm with live ants
20. A handmade roadside memorial or shrine.
21. A rooster

To this list I can now add:

..........................a rooster in my friend's garden,

a castle (well Bishop's Palace which looks exactly like one)

a handmade roadside memorial made by Italian POWs who made it a thank you for the good care they received when they were held here.............

a hand written sign selling yummy cream teas..........

 a skeleton dressed as pirate (I know I'm reaching but it's my fallback option

this is my cool political protest by the local Cavalier Militia calling on the people to rise for king and country...........only in the UK........

the hibernation home my sister has for bees etcetera............

a garden ornament.......................bamboo wind chimes at my sister's house.

Now this has nothing at all to do with the hunt but features 2 adorable quails hatched in my friend's incubator the other night. Only the size of a thumb, they have bigger feet than wings and were so cute.


  1. Great job! I especially love the memorial and bee hive.

  2. Jo, I am going to have to do some serious thinking outside the square if I hope to collect any more items on the hunt - you have given me a couple of ideas though! Well done!

  3. A great collection,Jo....I definately need to think outside the box to complete the hunt.

  4. Cool hunting! You have some wonderful finds in there - I'm especially taken with the skeletal pirate and that roadside memorial. I found a few more yesterday too, but it looks to me like you might finish the list first

  5. Great photos, I especially like the skeleton dressed as a pirate! And those quails are incredibly cute! x


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