Friday 5 August 2011

52 lists: things I am looking forward to.....

Ooooh one I can do really easily,

  • seeing Luke in 2 weeks for his 22nd birthday, he says he's going to stay 21 but we have other plans,
  • seeing Harry Potter,
  • not feeling depressed anymore, yey for Lithium so far,
  • meeting a friend,
  • my friends and their children coming to visit,
  • the sun coming out after the torrential rain of today,
  • Storytelling Sunday, the Mother was most desperate not to be involved but she is,
  • Dr Who coming back to our screens in 2 weeks,
  • Christmas, you gotta love Christmas,


  1. Great list Jo. Oh if only we could pick an age we like and stick to it ;-)
    Looking forward to hearing a 'The Mother' story on Sunday, tell her not to worry, it's just another way of having her 15 minutes of fame!

  2. I am permanently 25 so I see no problem with being 21 forever! ;-)
    Great list Jo!

  3. Love the list. Yay for lithium would only be on mine as a science teacher ;-)
    Kathy and the boys hope to see you at Soul Survivor 14-18 Aug.
    I am forever 24 I remeber that birthday well. My first one in Botswana and last one before I met the missus!

  4. Fabulous list - I'm looking forward to a lot of the same things :)

  5. Great list. I was so excited to see the Harry Potter film and it was worth the wait! I'd like to go see it again, in 3D this time as we saw it in 2D.
    I hope the sun shone brightly for a while for you! x


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