Sunday 10 June 2012

10 things on the tenth..............Swans a nesting.

So today is the tenth and on this day each month several bloggers join Shimelle Laine in discussing ten things which are of interest to us. Today Shimelle is sharing her 10 tips for packing scrapbooking supplies for a crop and it is defo worth the read. I now pack very much to her suggestions and save plenty of time sorting out papers and other supplies in kit form.

Anyway for my ten on the tenth I thought I would share ten of the beautiful swans which have been decorated and are swimming around Wells for the summer.

Above is my signature going down the neck of the People's Swan which is nesting in Starbucks as I speak and type, I am having an Earl Grey tea here as I blog ........................below is the complete swan.

 Nesting near Tesco is this bejewelled lovely which was made by a jewellery maker in Wedmore.

 Above is a side view of Oscar who is nesting outside our is his breast.........

Below is a judge swan, not found this one's nest yet...............

 Above is Becky of Dots and Spots swan. She is covered with Becky's handmade paper. You can read more about Becky here

Now there had to be a Hot Fuzz swan and she is nesting by the Police Station of course

 The beautiful swan above is Guinevere and she has a beautiful metal and jewel nest on the moat.

Below is another Bishop's Palace swan who is completely decorated with shells.

This beautiful mosaic swan is in the market place.

And finally here is the beautiful British inspired swan which is decorated with stamps and images which make Britain famous.

The swans will be here for three months so if you fancy exploring Wells and finding all the swans come on over, I might meet you for tea and cake


  1. Oh, I love these fun animal projects! We had lizards here in Orlando many years ago and they did guitars in Nashville when I was there. When I was in London a few years ago I saw all the elephants all over town. Love the swans! Love the one you signed and I think the bejeweled one is my favorite! Wish I could take a trip and see them in person! :)

  2. Great photos - they look lovely. Something fun to look out for.

  3. amazing~I live live in Texas and I have seen Cows and Pigs decorated like that. These are way more Beautiful:):)

  4. What a fun post! Love how they are all decorated so uniquely. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Aren't they lovely. We had ponies one year. Hope your MP doesn't try to claim for the floating moat swan on his/her expenses.

  6. Jo, they are beautiful, thanks for sharing them :)

  7. What great photos. These are lovely. I like the one with signatures all over it best! x

  8. What a great 10 to record!

  9. These are lovely. We enjoyed the lion hunt around Bath a couple of years ago. Will definitely bring the children to see these. Thanks for the heads up Jo.

  10. Oh fab - these are gorgeous. If only we were closer I'd definitely come and search for them. I did the Rhinos in Chester a while back which were great, then bears in Congleton which were pretty naff. Love the shell one and the Guinevere especially. TFS

  11. Beautiful swans! Wish I was near enough to find them!

  12. Fun. I especially like dots and shells.

  13. HI Jo Jo

    I live near Wells and have enjoyed seeing swans appear all over the place I have been meaning to visit and take photos of the swan but I am waiting for the rain to stop ..........



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