Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Hey there guys, sorry for the absence but I have been sickly, and not in a good way. It's left me with labyrinthitis/vertigo again which basically means my brain feels like it is spinning around in my head and I'm going to be violently sick. Anyway, the lovely nurse practitioner is writing me a new prescription as I type so hopefully I'll be feeling alot better soon.

Anyway, remember this post? The story of two crafters who love ''MollieMakes'' magazine and who have shared their combined skills to swap special makes? Well we have now made out makes and swapped. The owl mittens were so easy to make and I had enough wool to make the mug warmers too which took an afternoon. And here are the results:

I found these perfect buttons in my local wool shop Mandy Wools in Wells and they are so great for owl eyes I think plus abit of bling never goes amiss.

The lovely Emma sent me a beautiful package tied up with yellow tissue and tied with fave, can see a LO coming on about this and inside were her crocheted gifts.


I had asked for mini-heart bunting but I also  got a beautiful teal rose which is so appropriate for Team Teal



and also a lovely crocheted bird which reminds me of Attic 24 who I adore so an in all a very happy swap I think.

Emma's pieces are beautifully made and she has an Etsy shop here so if you're looking for gifts or just some bunting for you hop on over, she has an amazing range available.

Now as I am on a roll, I thought I would share some future posts with you. There will be some JYC 2012 and updates about my jaunts once I get this sickness abated. I am meant to be going to the Cathedral tomorrow night for carols so it better be. My sister has eventually responded to my post about her with a post about, wait for it, ME! I'm so excited to have another guest poster and it's her first time so be gentle with her. That will go live Sunday 23rd Dec and will be birthday related apparently.

Finally as I have been taking pictures for JYC 2012, I came across the new style decorations in M&S where the Xmas friends seem to be slightly out of place. You see the Easter bunny has become the Xmas bunny and apparently there is a Xmas squirrel despite the fact that squirrels hibernate at this time of the year. Anyway for your laughter I present to you the Xmas squirrel, drum roll please....................................


  1. I love the thought of the Christmas squirrel! At the school in which I work, we have staff entertainment at end of term where the staff do silly sketches for the girls, take offs of realitys shows etc but there is always a video clip of the adventures of a squirrel puppet too. Over the years he's been on the school version of Big Brother, travelled out on a school trip to Uganda and many other places. Seems he's now the 'face' of M&S - who knew?!
    Sorry to hear you are poorly still. My daughter had vertigo/labrynthitis at the beginning of the year and it took a while to go completely. Was horrible so I hope the new medication works - and fast, Christmas is not far away now, you need to be better!

  2. Ooh poor you. That must be really horrible. Hope you are on the mend soon in time for your birthday! The squirrel made me chuckle and I love the cute owl knitting! what a sweet swap!

  3. Blah, I have had attacks of vertigo too and know just what you mean - you have ooooodles of my sympathy and I hope you feel much better very soon. XX

    The owl mittens are fabulous - what a clever way to use the cable pattern (and buttons)! And I love the swaps you have received too. Pretty stuff!

    There is still a squirrel visiting my mum's garden, so not all are in hibernation yet - I think they do come out sometimes anyway, so maybe the M&S Squirrel is on a jaunt, looking for chocolate-coated-peanuts or something...


  4. Those owl mittens are just delighhtful - the buttons are perfect eyes :). Hoping you'll be feeling better soon - that sounds horrible ...


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