Sunday 23 December 2012

Lil Sister takes over..........................

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

My sister is special in so many ways, primarily because she is a Christmas baby… She will hate me for saying this but Christmas time does present her with some mixed emotions, since although it’s a festival of joy and the birth of Christ, due to all the celebrations, it’s a busy social time.  So poor Jo has the unfortunate battle of never really being able to party and celebrate her special birthday on Christmas Eve in spectacular style.  There are always other parties people are busy going to which is very unfair but not Jo’s fault….
So as I was kindly invited to provide a special blog for Jo, I invite you all to celebrate and raise a few glasses and cheers to Jo’s birthday blog party!!!!!!

As I was saying earlier, Jo is special in so many ways…. Here are a few of my contributions and I think it would be a lovely present to invite you all to share your nuggets of Jo’s qualities…

  • Jo is a wonderfully caring sister, and an astounding nurse whom as much as she isn’t a ward nurse anymore, no matter where she is (on or off duty) she never lets that quality of care leave her heart.
  • Jo is a loyal friend to all those in her circle and never lets them down.  She is there for them no matter what and puts aside her own time to be there for them.  I can personally vouch for this too as in my lifetime, when I’ve had a rubbish time in the past she’s always been there for me and held my hand (metaphorically speaking) wherever we may be distanced apart to guide me through those dark times.
  • Jo has so much love in her bones, they ooze out in abundance when you least expect it!   Ironically Bones is one of her many favourite programmes!  Good linkage I think there!
  • Despite all the ups and downs in her life, Jo has always remained true to herself and faces these challenges head on and knows that she can hold her head high and be proud of herself.
  • Jo has the best singing voice in the whole wide world… FACT.
  • Jo loves to dance, unfortunately at one time this resulted in a broken ankle, but that is another quality… enthusiasm to have a good time!
  • She taught me to train my cat Finnigan to understand that ‘TEA’ means ha ha!
  • She makes the best banoffee pie!  Hint hint!
So I raise my glass to you Jo, you are truly a stunning and amazing sister who I love very dearly and wish you the bestest of birthdays on 24th December.  You will be catered for by my own fair hands, and hopefully we can drink a suitable toast to your special day.

I give you my darling sister – Joanna Mary Sowerby – Better known as JO!!!!!!!

DISCLAIMER: At NO time was my sister told what lovely things to write about me, but suffise to say I am sooooooooooo lucky she thinks of me this way. Thanks sis for being my sister xxxxx


  1. What a beautiful touching post. I hope my two grow up with the special bond you have. Happy birthday Jo, I hope you have a wonderful celebration x x x x x

  2. What a lovely post! I count myself as being lucky to have discovered Jo via scrapbooking blogs and hope that the birthday is celebrated in style!
    Have a great Christmas Eve birthday x

  3. What a lovely supportive post and Jo, I wish you every happiness in the year ahead, as well as on the day itself! Happy Birthday! PS And can we have a video of the voice? :).

  4. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Jo
    You two are very lucky to have each other {{{xxx}}}

    Merry Christmas too
    Jemma x

  5. What a great post, Jo! You have a lovely sister (I think all your family must be so nice, as you and your sister both are!).

    I hope you had a really great birthday with your sister and family (with yummy food too - perhaps some of that banoffee pie?)



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