Tuesday, 4 December 2012


So last week I saw this plea from a lovely lady via Mollie Makes

E: Would anyone like to knit me the owl wrist warmers in this month's ? I'll love you forever...& crochet you something in return 

Here is the article she is talking about..............................

Being the person I am I said I could and E then replied:

@jojo1sowerby @MollieMakes You will?! Oh my! That's magic, thank you so much! xxx 

So today I got the wool and began and so far they look like this..................
They are made in a chunky wool on size 6mm (UK size) double pointed needles in the round. This is really easy to do, I taught myself from Youtube. The lovely E is going to crochet me something pretty in return, how exciting. So not only do you make blog friends but Twitter friends. But hey E also has a lovely blog too here at Lemons for Lemonade where she chats about poetry, life and crochet. Pop over and see her and her beautiful shop.

Happy 4th December
Jo Jo xxxx


  1. How lovely! How kind of you to offer, she's going to be thrilled with them!

  2. Oh, lovely! What a great story this is. I know someone else here who spotted those and fancied a pair. I might be turning to youtube too :)

  3. How wonderful! I love to hear of connections amde and nourished ... You never know what happens when you ask!


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