Sunday, 21 April 2013

A peaceful spot x

When the spring arrives in South Horrington, my favourite thing to do is to go visit my perfect peaceful spot at the front of the hospital. It is this beautiful blossom tree.

She is an unusual shape because rather than growing upwards, she seems to flounce down like a ballerina's tutu in Les Sylphide. In the sun she shines like a pink blancmange and is a hive of insect activity. This year Spring has been so delayed, the poor tree was looking really dejected last week, but this weekend she is looking divine.

I love to sit in her shade and read or just sit and watch the world go by, listening to the quiet hum and buzz of bees.

Do you have a perfect, peaceful spot?


  1. My inlaws have one of those in their front yeard, it is beautiful and I can understand why you would like to sit there on a sunny day!

  2. What a wonderful spot you have to relax.

  3. That is such a great spot to stop in. I love the shape of the tree.

  4. It certainly looks a wonderful spot, perfect spot is on the beach.....though it isn't always peaceful!!

  5. It is beautiful. It looks like something a fairy or a gnome would live beneath. I find my backyard garden bench and adirondack chair on the front porch both very peaceful.

  6. Beautiful spot and tree, I can see why you like it.


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