Wednesday 3 April 2013

Happy Mail x

So yesterday Postman Pat brought me two pieces of lovely happy mail. I love happy mail, it brightens your days, makes you smile and sometimes, just sometimes do a happy dance. So what did he bring you ask?

Well the first thing was a lovely handwritten thank note from my favourite little girl Lil E. It was her birthday lasy month and I try to send her something every year. Every year she writes a note back to say thank you. This year she wrote most of it herself. Now she is at school she even does joined up writing like this.........

It is so lovely to receive a proper thank you note from somebody and especially from Lil E. Thank you E. I loved it.

The second mail arrival had had to wait at the delivery office as it had incurred a customs duty. The postman said customs are being very diligent at making us pay for stuff we order abroad. Boo to customs. But hey I was jolly happy to receive these lovely stamps I had ordered from Elise. Aren't they just gorgeous?

They are for use in my Project Life album. Yes I know I haven't posted anything for a while about it but I'm trying very hard to get myself organised to sit down and do some more album work so bare with me and I promise there will be posts about Project Life soon. The ''Hello'' stamp has a box for you to write your own words in which is cool.

Finally what made me really happy yesterday was the sun and warmth and the chance to walk outside in the hospital grounds and take lovely pictures like these.

The cute cat is called Frosty. He used to come round and play with Willow when he was a kitten and now follows you around like a dog. He walked most of the way with me.

Oh yes and just as an aside, did you notice my new favicon?

So what  made you happy?


  1. Hi Jo! I love those stamps - so graphic! Your pictures of your spring walk look very lovely, too! xx

  2. Oh how I love those stamps. I like the Hello one best I think!

  3. Gosh, there is so much blossoming where you are already! Feels like Spring when I come here :). I'm liking the heart and home one.

  4. That thank you letter will look lovely in your project life album.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed spring is close by :)


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