Friday, 26 April 2013

This is what happens when Julie tweets about blogging and Dr Who x

      Just wrote the line 'You blog is your Tardis' as part of the final approach.

    2. Do we get a free Dr Who with this edition. If so, can I reserve a David Tennant one please?
       ooh I'll have Matt Smith then please plus my very own Dalek to exterminate anyone else who wants to pinch him xx
    3. I've got my very own The Doctor :) (Having said that, if David Tennant should be available....)
      he isn't, I asked first 
      Possibly just as well, in the interests of marital harmony!!
    Going to keep a safe distance + let you 2 battle this 1 out. I may have to fight for Matt Smith though ;-)

    1.  we could share him. One gets him half the week and vice versa. Of course he might find this a challenge x
       and then it got even more complicated cos Shimelle Laine wanted Matt Smith too.

      I don't know we obviously have far too much time on our hands and too much love for a certain Dr xx


  1. Ha ha! I'm still waiting for David to turn up on my doorstep ;-)
    Mind you, over the years that tardis has been known to get lost in transit!
    I just love the way Julie has written this course, she has an amazing style of writing. And I've enjoyed all the twittering too.

  2. Fun post! And yes, Julie's metaphors are just great!

  3. I do love the odd little exchanges that happen on Twitter and/or Facebook between like-minded (and wonderfully, awesome) ladies! So much fun x

  4. Ah the wonders of Twitter eh? For the kind of conversations that you never knew your life was missing ... until you have them!

    Great fun Jo!

    Thanks for all your support of the series. Much appreciated!


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