Sunday 9 June 2013

How to make a lampshade x

So last weekend I went to my local fabric shop Millie Moon for a class on making your own lampshades. It was by far one of the best classes I've done because it was fun and relatively simple to make.

So Harriet took us step by step through the making of our lampshade which required alot of sticking and a small amount of cutting out. We were able to choose our own fabric from the whole shop and I chose one called ''Get a clue Nancy Drew'' by Moda  because I loved the TV show as a child and the fabric design was vintage Nancy Drew books.

We were each given two lampshade rings one for the top and one for the bottom................

So the next part was to choose which part of our fabric we wanted to show on our shade and then to cut a piece of special sticky backed white lampshade plastic to strengthen our fabric on the back. We then had to stick special doublesided sticky tape onto the fabric, I kept saying ''It's just like scrapbooking!''.........

This is the fabric all ready for unpeeling the tape backing.....................

once unpeeled it was a simple case of sticking the bottom and top edges of fabric back on itself to form a neat edge.............................

and this is the right side of the fabric all stuck down.....................

Next 2 of us worked in unison to roll the two lampshade wires onto the fabric top and bottom and then to stick the bottom pieces of fabric over the rings for a lovely neat finish.

And here are all our finished lampshades (mine is top right)..............

And here we all are with our completed lampshades and our brilliant teacher Harriet who is next to me with the long hair and fawn outfit.........................


  1. Very professional! How nice to have something so unique - you must be thrilled with it.

  2. They are brilliant and I love that book fabric it is so unusual. No one will have one like that :0)

  3. Whenever I see an advert in a magazine for the shop I think of you actually getting to visit! I love your fabric shop so much..I can remember how much I enjoyed getting Nancy Drew books out of the school library

  4. Wow, the shades all look fab!! How lovely to have made a unique piece like that! x

  5. Wow, what a splendidly executed project and some very cool fabric - and I had no idea you could buy backing for lampshades!

  6. How fabulous. That's a shop I'd love to visit


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