Wednesday 31 July 2013

Currently x

This week has been a funny one as I've been feeling so unwell with the reduction in my tablets, but I have started the new one now and the symptoms appear to be reducing thank goodness. As I don't have a TV license much of my TV is online and old reruns, last night was an old ''Lewis''. I am still reading the same book and I am several books ahead on my challenge so not stressing too much about it.

I'm reliving my love of Patrick Wolf who writes beautiful songs and sings equally as beautifully. In my dreams he asks me to sing some backing soaring soprano vocals for him.............. well I can dream.

I went to my local craft shop today as there was an advert for crocheters and knitters to help make an exhibit for Somerset Art Week and I am making some sweet peas for that.

I am sort of planning a trip, it's been planned for a while but it might all go wrong depending on me and other things, watch this space. BTW it's nothing far away.

I am enjoying reading all the lovely blogs of old friends, and meeting new ones primarily because of Find Your Voice which has a thriving community both on Kristin's site and on Facebook.

What are you doing currently?

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  1. I've been watching a lot of TV! Today I went through my new August-August calendar and put it all my classes, trips, deadlines, etc. It's actually fun to see it all come together.


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