Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Project Life 2014 x

Oh dear, so honest admission time here, I truly failed at Project Life in 2013. There were a number of reasons for this:
  • my health took a nosedive pretty early in the year and although I took lots of photographs, journalled and kept memorabilia, I never really got into the swing of documenting my life the way I should have.
  • motivation. Although I loved the process of getting the pieces together to save and remember, when it came to the actual putting it all together, I found it really tough going trying to make pages. 

Over the last few weeks, people who have completed Project Life for the first time like my friend Abi or who have been doing it for a number of years like Cathy Zielske and Elise Blaha have given a lot of hints and tips, plus reviewed their processes of documenting their life over the year. If you are digital Project Lifer and want some great tips on organising your stash then Erika has some lovely tips.

One of the things I felt I needed was some jollying up so when my parents asked if their was anything scrapbooky I wanted for my birthday I had just had an email from Big Picture Scrapbooking about this class

So I asked if I could have some money towards it and they paid for it. Which was really lovely of them. So I will be taking part in Project Real Life because real life can be pretty messy and you need a push sometimes.

I am going to have a good think about how I plan and set aside time to complete my pages. Like Abi I feel that pushing yourself to do too much each week can be hard so I'm going to aim for 1 page in a week and if there is more then that is a bonus.

I was invited to join a Facebook group called Daily Snappers which is set up with a year of prompt words to encourage you to take photographs everyday. I actually do takes picture almost everyday anyway so this shouldn't be so hard and I will use this resource as encouragement and prompter but not give myself a hardtime if my picture that day isn't anything to do with the prompt. I think that will be a good motto to stand by ''Don't give yourself a hard time''.

Part of keeping up with Project Life will involve doing the weekly project ''Currently'' with Kristin Tweedale of Rukristin Papercrafts. I began taking part sporadically last year but it is such a simple but very effective way of chronicling certain aspects of your week that it fits perfectly with Project Life and keeping me focused. This year Kristin is going to be doing different coloured cards each month so that will aid with colour coordination on the pages.

I have also been looking at some of the helpful ideas on Pinterest about Project Life and as I already have a board dedicated to the project have been adding extra bits and bobs. There is so much help and support out there. There are amazingly talented bloggers who have produced some fabulous digital freebies to share as well as products to purchase. I may do a combination of digital and paper work as the year moves on.

So I hope you join me as I take another stab at this project for 2014.


  1. I'm joining in Daily Snappers too! See you there!

  2. Good luck, I'm sure you're going to love it.

  3. I am *so* ridiculously late, but thank you for the mention!!


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