Friday, 21 March 2014

Golden wedding anniversary crafting - guest name cards x

Hello lovely readers, I am doing a final little post for my parent's anniversary party which was sadly 2 weeks ago now. Time flies by fast. My parents have been enjoying a second honeymoon in the Lake District courtesy of my sister and her partner. I received a postcard today saying they're having a wonderful time.

So onto those name cards. Well in actuality they were name stones. Do you remember the stone I painted with my One Little Word for 2014? Well I decided that for my parent's party, each guest would have something to take home with them.

I went off to Clevedon, my nearest stony beach, one Sunday and sadly the beach was closed because of the stormy weather we'd been having. However, over tea and cake and whilst chatting about books, a lovely local lady told me of a secret beach I could go to and collect my stones. Off I traipsed and collected 30 lovely big stones to take home.

Here is what I did.
First of all wash all your stones with warm soapy water and leave to dry. I then laid mine out onto a sheet of non-stick oven liner which I use for misting et cetera to dry.

Next you need to paint all your stones with 2 coats of gesso which is a primer and is available from most good craft shops and leave them to dry.

I then painted each stone with 2 coats of this specialist metallic paint which I bought from my local DIY shop in Wells. I used antique gold for this project. It also comes in silver. It was excellent paint as it washes off with warm soapy water so no need for extra paint cleaning substances and dried to a really good finish.


Leave your stones to dry and then they are ready to decorate

As I was not keen on painting all the stones with each persons name, I decided to cheat slightly and write on the stones with a permanent marker. I tried a Sharpie but it really did not work at all well so I used a basic felt tip pen which was perfect. And here are some of the finished stones.

And here is my name card along with a little bag of gold coloured sugared almonds and chocolate drops all ready for the party.

What might you decorate stones for? 


  1. This is most impressive! They look like chunks of the real thing - what a super idea and most carefully done. Good to know about a high quality paint too.

  2. What a lovely idea...they look so effective!
    Alison xx

  3. This is singularly the most adorable idea I have ever seen, you've put in so much effort!


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