Tuesday, 20 January 2015

OLW 2015 - LIGHT

This is my third year of doing One Little Word with Ali Edwards. My first word was ‘Be’ and last year my second word was ‘Rebuild’. In reviewing my past choices, I feel that both those words were pretty much well chosen, especially lazy year. In 2012, I had a bad Bipolar episode which really knocked me sideways so Be was simply that, it gave me the opportunity to just live with my word and be during that year. Last year, again, rebuild fitted my year perfectly as I was rebuilding a life I had had to change quite significantly, primarily from a professional perspective but also I had to move home and build a new one.

So this year I have chosen the word 


Ali always gives ideas for how to approach choosing your word and places to visit and peruse. For me it is a simple process of going to Pinterest and playing around with words and meanings. This time it was a particular image which fuelled my imagination.

I love music, poetry and words in general so this jumped out at me as I looked through the pictures I’d raised in my search. When you think about light it can be internal and external.
 Internally it is the light you find in yourself and then allow to shine out like a beacon to the world a little like a lighthouse

The lighthouse shines to guide people away from danger and into safe waters. One of friends says that, for her, i am like a light that shows her what she could achieve. I would like to think that maybe in a small way i could inspire other people with mental health issues in a positive way but also to be a light for my family and friends providing love, support and encouragement to them.

Externally, the light shines onto you from others, from the sun, from candles, from love, from words, music and poetry, from creativity in general.

I am very aware of certain people’s positive influence on my own life and so I wish to build upon those experiences and learn from them so that through them I can perhaps share some of their accomplishments in a positive way to others whether that be via my blog, social media, work, private life or my faith.

As a Christian, light is used in many pieces of scripture to enlighten. Jesus is referred to as the light of the world who shines love upon us

We as God’s creations are called to be lights ourselves to spread the love of Jesus and God throughout the world. I feel that perhaps my faith has been missing from my life for the past 12 months and so I want to reconnect with that and develop my Christian life further. I was placed on this Earth to be a caring and nurturing person so I hope to find a way to use those gifts.

Light also can cast a window on your soul and for me this year I am part of a group therapy treatment related to my Bipolar so I think that this will illuminate my personal ability to cope with and live with my disorder.

My image for the year is the dragonfly as it embodies enlightenment apparently. So be prepared to see that image appearing here.

Finally I want to be light physically too. Over recent years, my weight and physical health have deteriorated and I find some things a lot more difficult to do. This year I will be fifty. Now I am never going to be a Slimcia girl as my friend Sarah used to call me, but I can try and reduce my weight, improve my health and fitness so that I am not a geriatric fifty year old woman unable to walk down the road. I know this will be a struggle because the tablets I take make weight loss harder and because I have a very strong emotional link to bad food habits. I also love sweet things so it will be a challenge, however once I set my mind to something I usually have varying degrees of success so we’ll see how it goes.

Phew this world has a lot to live up to hey?

So Light is the word for 2015 and I do hope it will be just a powerful and significant a word as my past two.


  1. This is a lovely post Jo....wishing you well on your journey with your OLW! Xx

  2. I love how much thought you have put into your word Jo. Here's wishing you well on your journey with it!

  3. A thoughtfully chosen word and with lots of good possibilities for you this year. All the best with a light fill 2015

  4. Well chosen, I hope following the light brings you many blessings.

  5. Wishing you joy and energy as you explore all the possibilities you are seeing in your word, Jo! That Albert Schweizer quotation is wonderful ...

  6. That's a great word Jo and what an inspirational set of photos! :)

  7. Wonderful word and beautiful illustrations.


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