Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Two on Tuesday x

Hello Tuesday and welcome to another two choices for your delectation.

For this weeks choices, I have a feeling you might need to turn off your social media, shut the curtains, get yourself a big glass of vino and a massive bar of chocolate because this post is going to make you want to do things you never imagined. And you seriously do not want your partner, children or any other people walking into this fantasy.

May I present to you 50 Shades of..............................

Stationery x

Now firstly, do you think I have a paper problem? Now, I am a memory keeper so by necessity I have to have paper. But obviously, some people seem to think I have some kind of fetish which has led to my friend Roz, thanks Roz, sending me this link..........now I warn you this is 50 shades of stationery so make sure you're prepared..........

Ooooh, come to mama beautiful paper with sea paintings yummy................

and colour overload with these gorgeous pencils................lickable!! Seriously, did you know there that many beautiful colours? Me neither and just imagine having those in your craftroom. Eeny, meeny..............

Secondly, it gets WORSE!

Now I know I love all  stationery, but I LOVE notebooks above and beyond anything else, can't get enough of them. I walk down the aisles of WHSmith, Paperchase and a variety of other local shops just to gaze adoringly at them, touch them and yes sometimes I even smell them! In fact, I'm sure I do my best Golum impersonation and go all "My precious" over them sometimes.

But this week I discovered, oh sweet joy, that I am not alone in my desire to possess said notebooks. Yes, Charlotte,  a regular contributor to ALO an online lifestyle magazine, wrote this post in celebration of people like myself and it had links to some more lickable notebooks like this...............

or this beauty from Fox and Star

Yes I know it's not a notebook but it is bunting washi tape.

And finally take your pick of these beautifully recycled notebooks, not cheap but perfection.............

one for everyday of the week and some to spare from Undercover.

I feel the need to lie down now. With my notebooks lol.

So where are your fave places to buy those oh so necessary stationery pieces?  


  1. Beautiful and drooling here! I want that top one as a header for my blog :). And the bunting washi tape is lovely. I have some lovely notebooks from Lizziemade ...

  2. Let's just say there was dancing in the streets when Paperchase opened here

  3. Haha 😆 I love being able to happy dance for stationery xxx


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