Wednesday, 10 June 2009

where have you may well ask?

It seems the past few months have not been fortuitous to this blogger from a scrapping point of view. However that would be untrue. Perhaps I have just been remiss in updating my blog........ah yes that's the main reason.
I have just recovered from shingles.....not a pleasant thing to have and especially in the hot weather we've had over the last few weeks. Anyway, that's all over so having now found some time to blog here are some things I have completed.
Firstly I have made all the kits I have bought from Cleo Jarvis over the last 12 months +. The one above is a kit made using chipboard pieces which are individually decorated and laced together using ribbon then decorated at top and bottom with ribbon and buttons. I called it ''My family of friends''.

I really enjoyed doing something where there was loads to work with but i could still use my own ideas. It really helped the creative juices!

The 2nd piece was one made using an old LP as the backdrop and adding your scrapping to it like a page. It is then hung as a wall decoration. I used some photos taken at my dad's 60th.

So at least I haven't been completely bad!

I have also been to see some cute animal babies at our local rescue centre.....badgers and foxes.

So now I feel abit happier and can have a piece of banana and chocolate cake for blogging.
Jo x

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  1. Hi Jo, sorry to hear you've not been well, hope you're fully recovered.

    We're organising a Scarlet Lime Retreat probably near Bath first weekend of October and thought I'd let you know about it, if it's your thing (very informal get together) - we're chatting here about it


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