Thursday, 10 September 2009

digital virgin!!!!!

so today scrapping friends, i would like to share with you my first pieces of digitasl scrapping ever. in commencing this i have to say a big thanx to who has provided me with the simplest tuition possible to get going through her course ''up and running'' and also a wealth of freebies to boot.
i have also been working on my LSNED pages for shimelles classes which so far are digital too. anyway.......big drum roll please as we welcome some digital pages to the blog...........

The top pic is of a layout I did for my sister's album, the middle is a class project for Jessica Spragues lessons using a template-they are so cool. The bottom page is LSNED Day 9 for Shimelle's class this month. I am so glad I have done this because it is so easy to do and fun learning new skills. There is loads of saupport around to help too if you're worried and lots of free bits to use as well. Definately trial Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 for 30 days as it's well worth the effort. I also have a free donwload called but it is more complex in some ways as I haven't found as much support or info to help me do digi scrapbooking using it so far. Maybe I should do it myself! Anyway off to sneeze into my tissues again.

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