Saturday, 12 September 2009


So I thought I would share some photos of my new home with you. This is the second place I have lived since moving to Somerset 16 months ago............without counting living at m & d's for a couple of months to begin with. I decided to move nearer to work cos I like my job and I also like having more time in bed and at my age you need your beauty sleep. The place I chose was South Horrington which used to be The Mendip Hospital and has been converted into houses and apartments. It is set in all the old grounds and we have the god fortune of no longer having to mow or tend the garden and have of having a cricket field and bar on site-woohoo!!!!!
So these are some pics of the place I took

The other thing I have never said is I have 2 lovely cats- Holly who is about 16 and a semi-long haired black/ginger and Willow who is a pure persian cafe au late colour. Now Miss Willow or pretty baby girl today has not been so pretty of late as she had a run in with something we can only assume was a car or badger which basically ripped her jaw open, damaged her right eye and generally left her rather unattractive. Well suffice to say that after 4 operations, numerous visits to said vets, antibiotics and about £800.00 because I had let the insurance slide for 1 month!!!!!!! due to moving home...................she is now very pretty and this is what she thought last night.........

........I mean talk about self deluded! Anyway we're all very happy you think you're beautiful.

In other news today, the postie brought some loveliness from Sarah's Cards and Scrappagogo:
yummy papers.......

bling, ribbon and letters.................

all from Scrappagogo............

now for S.Cards........
gorgeous patterned papers.............

coloured cards..................

assorted bling, ribbons, rubons, glitter.............ooohlala.........!!!!!

So there you have it a long blog of news.

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    I found your blog whilst blog hopping all over the place.

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