Saturday, 21 November 2009

blog hop around the world.

For thise looking for the round the world blog, for some reason it has come up lower down the page so please scroll down abit........


  1. Hi thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I really hope there will be a new scrapbook magazine. Yeah we have blogs but u really can't look at them in bed! he he!
    I'm glad I made you smile! I've realised that whilst my school has over 100 christians in the wider world, teenage christians are in the minority. Therefore I love being open about my faith and how it changes my life.
    will catch up with you on the 17 again blog train! woooh so excited! xxxxx


    Hi Jo, didn't want you to miss this note! I have included you in my seven people to whom I have passed on the Kreative Blogger award.

    If you visit this post on my blog, you can pick up details of your award (and the piccy for your blog).

    You will need to scroll down a little way.

    Best, Lizzie


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