Tuesday 24 November 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Hi all. Blogging for scrapbookers had ended although we're still waiting for the last workbook and many of us are continuing the blogtrains, plus there are a number of future bloghops organised so keep watching.

Anyway today I received an early Xmas pressie. I am going here

for this event next year. What an amazing present huh? To top it all someone we all know and love is taking part.............

of course it's Shimelle, wonderwoman scrapper and teacher.

So if you fancy a trip to Hampshire in May and wanna join the fun go to this link and sign up. See you there.

Now inspired by Lizzie, I have been trawling the web for some bookbinding info and have found some fab videos on youtube. It's really cool what you can see and learn at the touch of a button.
But the simplest video I found was here which is the main blogsite for a traditional bookbinding company in London. They have loads of beautiful paper, thread, leather etc for making books by hand and they also run beginners classes in Wiltshire. I'm going to try and make a nice simple book using what I have here to hand...........doesn't look too hard.

So wish me luck, I'm off to watch Ugly Betty after somemore blog hopping.


  1. Have a great time Jo - looks like a fabulous venue for a scrap retreat.... good luck with the book binding - I love Lizzie's work!

  2. Yeah for blog hopping! Not been able to join in the ones on the forum so far but hoping to do so if they continue :)

  3. Thanks Jo and Amy for lovely comments!

    Jo thank you for the info on Shepherds - I hadn't managed to track them down.. either my searches were hopeless, or they have a newish website...hmm. Anyway, I can see I will need to spend some time Shopping, once my workroom is up and running and I have space to store more kit!

    I hope you enjoy your special course next year.

  4. What a wonderful Christams present. Enjoy! Good luck with the bookbinding too.

  5. goodluck, be waiting for your stories how it goes. ;o)

  6. Ooh lucky you - I'm jealous!!

    I'm really intrigued by the bookbinding too - it's on my (ever-increasing and already several pages long) 'I must try that' list!

  7. wow what a xmas presents looks great, shimelle is lovely sure you will have lots of fun x

  8. you are so lucky! would love to do a shimelle class!

    are you still up for 17 again? i may have missed your response on the thread if so - sorry! more info here:


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