Thursday, 5 November 2009

So today was not full of excitement at all, no it was a day for HOUSEWORK. Now normally you wouldn't see me doing this cos I have to be honest I do the minimum possible. However as I rent my flat, the dreaded flat inspection is due so I have to make sure it is looking a fair bit tidier than it is at the moment.
As i only moved in 4 months ago I thought I might have abit more time to prepare but no it has to be this week. So out came the marigolds and the squirty stuff and off we go. Now cleaning up is fun when u have a decent tune to listen to so I set up my laptop to Spotify.............if you haven't got it it is free to download and u can listen to music for free!!!
Now I like to be able to dance around while cleaning so it has to be something with bounce and as I'm an 80s girl I had a lovely mix of the Duran boys, The Communards and Erasure plus abit of Soft Cell for good measure. Scrubbing feels so much better with the boys along for the ride.
I even managed to make a fish pie............yummy........ while doing all this.

The other thing I have been working on is my portfolio, as a nurse I have to register my intention to practise yearly and every 3 years the NMC can ask to see and audit my portfolio. It has to contain any study I have done, experiences I've reflected on at work, certificates, my CV. It's quite a complex thing to put together but a necessary part of being a professional. The other reason is because I am applying for jobs. I love my job but it's only bank, like agency work, so I only get paid when I work. There are meant to be some permanent roles coming up but I'm on the lookout just in case I don't get one.


  1. Today was my cleaning day too. Music does make it go down a little easier.

  2. I'm cleaning today! I'm an 80's girl myself. Every time.


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