Friday 11 December 2009

Christmas at home

Kirsty Allsopp anyone? Well I love her, she's so bright and cheery on a cold, winter's night especially when she's making and doing in her lovely cottage in Devon. So the last few nights it's been Channel 4 and 4 on demand reruns to see what I can learn. Well I loved the chocolate truffle making, so want to make my own bear in Lyme Regis and seeing as it's just down the road, I think a little trip is in order. Have already made my own wreath K, not quite as good as hers but hey I made it myself, no help from clever floral ladies!!!!!

Loved the bow and flower making so much I am planning more OTT wrapping of pressie this year. She also made her own quilted stocking for Santa, chutneys and an amazing soap. Go over and check out Channel Four on demand, it's free and on for another 29 days so u can watch as many times as u like and learn some fab new skills or ideas from Kirsty and her skilled craftspeople. I vote we let her in on the srapbooking secret, what do u say?

Jo Jo xxx


  1. Kirsty scrapbooking? Brilliant idea! I think she'd love it. If we lived closer, I'd come bear making with youx

  2. I'm in love with this series and keep telling my fella that if only we lived in Devon, K and I would be the best of friends! :)

  3. I've been avidly watching it as well....the stocking is great...and loved the chutney.


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