Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Santa Claus is coming to town........

On the first Sunday of December, the Santa Parade hits Wells. The Market Place is taken over by stall holders selling hog roast, chestnuts and mulled wine and Santa comes to town, well city in this case! It's organised by the Rotarians of which my dad is a member and being his daughter I was roped in to help sell the mulled wine. It was also yummy by the way.
Last year I took some friends with young children but this year it was just me as the child. I love the parade cos it sums up Christmas fun and good spiritis and I could certainly do with some of that at the moment. The grand parade is at 1pm and there is a vintage car leading the procession with Santa's sleigh led by his reindeer. There were no red noses in sight however there were the cutest baby reindeer which had been born and brought up the rear.
The next Christmassy thing is the Choir from the Cathedral sing carols in their full regalia which really signifies Christmas is on it's way for me. I love carols although they also have the habit of making me cry............don't know why but they do.

Then yesterday I spent some time making my Christmas wreath for my door. I had asked a friend of my dad's to cut out a polo shaped wooden ring for me and I covered it in ribbon, which I seem to have in huge supplies. I had got some free Tree from the Christmas tree seller as it was surplus to requirements and some holly and mistletoe. Plus my mum and I had dried out some orange segments and got some nice long cinnamon sticks.

I think it looks quite good for a first attempt.


  1. Yes it does looks good! Those cinnamon sticks are huge - I've never seen them that big before - we only have tiny ones here. 'The Drummer Boy' always makes me cry ... every single time.

  2. It looks fab :-)

    Carols can make me cry too, which can be a problem when I'm in the choir that's singing them....!

  3. That's a beautiful wreath. Carols make me cry too..brass bands do as well. I don't know why!

  4. Yes... crying at Christmas Carols - one of those traditional things women do at Christmas! But I do love them and they mean "Christmas" to me! I miss the Carol concerts - schools don't do them now - my son's playing "Twelve Bar Blues" in his school concert next week - Much Christmassy!!

    That wreath is pretty good - a brilliant first attempt. Maybe you should have had your own stall at the Santa Fair!

  5. I think it looks brilliant! Hark the Herald Angels sing on Christmas eve midnight mass always chokes me up!

  6. it looks incredible. Love the cinnamon sticks woven in! oh n your guess is right! Lol! By the way I love wells, it's such a beautiful city. Abi xxx


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