Friday, 18 December 2009

Christmas crafting and Christmas sparkly!!!!

Today got up and thought I was living in Siberia. The wind was wuthering, love that word, around the hospital, well my flat, and it was freezing. It was even snowing a little bit...........and when I say a little bit I mean pinhead size flakes. Very sad.
Anyway no snow for us today unlike the rest of my friends who seem to have been favoured with the odd flake or so. I hope it doesn't snow here overnight for selfish reasons as my friends are coming from Southampton and I am really looking forward to seeing them.
So the fact that they are coming I thought I ought to start wrapping their presents and making the card I had planned. So out came the wrapping paper and with coffee in hand, sellotape, scissors, paper and pressies I sat watching Inspector Morse doing my wrapping thing. It actually made me feel Christmassy for the first time.
One of the things I was wrapping was my knitted hot water bottle cover for my friend Teresa who I have to say lives permanently in her pyjamas. Anytime I visit no matter what happens the jymjams go on about 7.30pm and Max, her husband and I sit and laugh at her.................awww aren't we mean! Anyway I'm really pleased at how it's turned out. I was panicking thinking it would be too small but here it is and not bad if I say so myself.

The next thing was to make the card. II had seen the idea in this months copy of Scrapbook Inspirations. The creater made hers using a box she already had but I had to make it from scratch, but it wasn't hard. All you need is a pretty piece of 12 x 12 card, I used gold. Score the card as if you are making an exploding box, at 4inches across each side. Then cut the squares out at each corner so you are left with a 4 inch square in the middle and 4 x 4inch square flaps. Now normally you'd make a lid but instead I cut the 4 squares in 4 triangles...........still with me? All you do is measure inti half way across the top of each flap and score line from the base of each square up to the point. Cut out the spare card. This now leaves a central square and 4 triangular flaps. Made holes at the points with your crop-a-dile and put eyelets in for extra strength if wished. Now for the middle..............I'll show you my pics first to maintain the suspence.,..............

So with ribbon threaded through each hole you end up with a pyramid box but can you see the snowflakes? That's cos there is a surprise inside...............

............. an iddybiddy Christmas tree. The one in the mag had been made in a similar way but the lady had found some tiny battery operated strings of baby bulb lights. Well I found some battery operated nightlights so I punched random holes over the tree, which is made out of a semi-circle of gold card, and added some ribbon for tinsel and with the lights on it looks like this..............

It's a kind of Bokeh pic I'm afraid but hopefully you'll get the idea. The light flickers like a candle so it's quite effective.

By now I was all Christmased up so out came the tree. I'm afraid I have an artificial one but hey I'm trying to save money. So I try to do something new every year. This year we have my fave angel lights. They are so sweet..................

Next I added a layer of little pearl strings which got free years ago from a home magazine. I am a natural horder........

All resplendent in her glittery glory with some pressies all ready for tomorrow. Now every year I normally buy some new ornaments but this year I have had no spare cash so I thought I'd just tell you the story behind some of my fave baubles.

The first one is really special. My family and I all went to Paris in 2000 to see my godmother who is an opera singer performing in the opera there. It was freezing but on one of the days we all went to La Notre Dame and next door was a really sweet garden shop selling handmade Christmas things. I bought this bauble there and it has a scene across the Parisien skyline............

I also love my fairy which I have had for over 10 years but she comes out every year, I think I got her at the Pier. I also have some lovely Dutch china ornaments I got on a holiday to AMstredam one year.

Anyway, I hope you are all safe and warm whether you have snow or not. And if you do, be safe!


  1. have been the hot water bottle cover....looks perfect.We had a smattering of snow overnight....nothing to get excited about....but glad all my shopping is done...just in case!!

  2. ah lovely to see your flat looking so christmassy. Enjoy being with your friends tommorow! xxxx

  3. That is a cute hot water bottle cover - it's even nicer than the ready-made red cable-knit one I bought last year!
    Your tree is very pretty.. if you haven't any spare cash for decorations, why not copy me and make some? The paper heart ones were so easy and there is a link to them on my blog. You could make mini versions too, by just using thinner and shorter strips of paper - off-cuts from other projects would be ideal and cost (nearly) nothing!
    Love the stories about your favourite decorations. We have a few special ones too. I have some I bought for my first Christmas in my own home. They are glass though, so this year they are in their box - the baby is walking, climbing and grabbing things - glass ornaments not good this year, we'll stick to "pretend" glass ones in plastic!

  4. You know, if comfort were the only consideration, I would LIVE in my pajamas. So comfy! Poor Teresa! :)

  5. Great post, Jo! So much in it. I love your hot water bottle and that card..I'll tell Michelle that you made one, she'll be chuffed! I love posts which reveal a lovely little snippet about someone's your opera singer godmother. Hope you have a fab time with your friends.

  6. Excellent post Jo, very entertaining and informative. You've gone to a lot of trouble with your gifts and the card - Theresa is a lucky girl!
    And, I agree with Sian - I love the snippet into your life - what a talented godmother you have:-)

  7. Hi Jo, Sian directed me here and she was right I am thriled to see my xmas tree in SI inspired you to make one, lovely job :) Have a great Christmas love Michelle x (aka mjm)


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