Saturday, 19 December 2009

The visitors.

Oooh feeling knackered cos I woke up at 5.45am this morning. I mean what is going on. I've got to stay awake now until 10pm to see the final of eyes will be propped open with matchsticks by then I'm sure. So no proper snow here............a few more pinheads this afternoon as I waved off the visitors but other than that nothing.
I spent this morning showing my friend Teresa how to fix eyelets using the crop-a-dile and a hammer and hole maker. She had been trying to figure it out herself, poor thing. It always good when someone else shows you! She also wanted to look at my scrapbook LOs cos she hadn't scrapped for over a do u survive I asked? I don't have time she replied. I have informed her she needs to make some time in her very busy life for at least an hours scrapping per week. She does so much for other people that she really, really needs to make time for herself. This time last year we went to Shimelle's class ''Everyone has a story'' for her Xmas present and that apparently was the last time she did anything. I would be bereft without my pretty paper and crafty goodness. What would you be lost without? and how do you busybees manage to fit crafting into a busy home and family life?

Anyway, they have now set off on their next visiting schedule and I have abit of time to blog today. I suddenly realised I hadn't lit my advent candle for several days so the boys were fascinated with watching the candle slide down. They thought the candle actually burned for a whole day at each bless! Anyway, it now resembles more of a volcano than an advent candle.

The Spode Christmas plate is one of my favourite things at this time of the year too. It just makes everything feel more magical.
Here is something else I made at a recent crop run by Cleo Jarvis of Bellaboo to make a Christmas tree. It came as 2 pieces of plain chipboard but once painted, stamped and blinged it looks like this.....................

Finally please do stop by tomorrow when I will be joining in a special bloghop with a theme. For mine it will involve these 2 objects............

So that is at 4pm, do join us it will be fun.

And now to prepare for the glittery and spandex funfilled final of SCD.............go team Cola!!!!!!!


  1. Love your chipboard xmas tree....and the bloghop sounds intriguing.

  2. That Christmas tree looks lovely, and Spode do make a lovely range of Christmas platters and plates - we even get those here in the colony!
    See you tomorrow - hopefully you'll be awake at 4pm ;-)

  3. i will see you at 4 pm mrs amy, i have a nice selction of the xmas spode and have been doinf abit of research for my book so it'll be worth coming for a visit.
    jo xxx

  4. Pretty candle! Love the Spode Christmas range. They do bits of it at TKMaxx here - very good prices. I bought my mum a Christmas mug a couple of years ago.

    The Blinged up tree is great. Are those your ear-rings decorating it? They make great "Christmas Baubles"!

    Turkish Delight and a cardboard box... how intruiging... I'll be there at 4pm. See you soon!

  5. Beautiful tree! I'd be completely lost without scrapping too..and blogging now as well I think!


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