Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Mum's calendar

A couple more of mum's calendar pages for you to inspect.

The one above is comprised of pictures of my mum taken from a young baby and into the 60s when she and my dad were courting. Groovy hats huh?!!!! You should see the lampshade mum wore for my christening it was truly terrible. The top calendar page has pictures of me and my sister and one of my mum's mother in a lovely garden in the Cotswolds one summer. I loved my grandma, she was the reason I became a nurse. She was a nurse in the 1930s and trained intially as a TB nurse. I have all her paperwork she had to complete to qualify including details about cleaning and sterilising equipment. I also have her cap.........just a simple square of white cloth which would have been starched and ironed into a neat hat. She was also an amazing vicar's wife when my grandad changed careers late in life and she and he led a parish in the Forset of Dean for over 20 years. It was amazing when my grandpa died as his funeral was held in Viney Hill. They let his casket lie in state overnight so ex=parishioners could pay their respects. The service was incredibely moving as so many people said wonderful things to say not only about him but my grandma who has passed away several years before.

Anyway off to bed now...........see you all tomorrow.


  1. I've never made a calendar before - this one looks absolutely lovely Jo, your Mum will love it!
    Being able to remember and record the stories that make your life is so fabulous - thanks for sharing this piece - I've enjoyed reading it.

  2. thanx amy, i was feeling family history last night. i love remembering the times we have spent together as a family and especially at this time of year as my GPs were the ones we mainly spent xmas with
    jo xx

  3. It's beautiful, so special :-) (I used to live near the Forest of Dean!)

  4. It's beautiful Jo. Fascinating family history too. My Father-in-law was in the church and at his funeral we had a police escort and the schools in town were closed for the afternoon. It really helped to know how much he meant to his parishioners

  5. wow, treasure that family history. I have found out very little about my relatives. Love the calander, it is really beautiful. So gald that stuff with your flat is sorting out. Ahhh wud love to join u for cupcakes and scrappin time. How to convince my houseparents to let me go will be another matter! he he! (we'll figure it out!) xxxxx


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