Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Knit 1, purl 1.......

Anyone old enough to remember Lizzie Dripping and the witch? Well it was a rather daft children's programme when I was alot younger and the witch would sit around in a church yard knitting and repeating K1, P1. Never could figure out why but hey it was the 70s, maybe she was on DRUGS!!!!

Anyway, my reason for reminiscing is because I got out my needles today. I am knitting a hot water bottle cover for my friend Teresa for Christmas and also a scarf for my mum. The cover is easy, just simple pattern witha bit of cabling and the scarf is just knitting every row, but the wool is all sparkly ribbon.

It's in lovely shades of metallic red, gold, and coppers. Yummy.
My other jobs have included writing and posting my Xmas cards which I had to post 1st class as apparently there's a shortage nationwide of 2nd class stamps...........so much for saving money?
Secondly I have started making calendars for my family using some digital calendars for Photoshop. Most will be CD size for their desks buit my mum's is abit posher cos she likes to write everyone's bits down even though we're no longer at home. So here's the first LO I did for February. I thought as it's Valentines day then I'd use a lovey dovey picture.

Off to watch CSI Vegas............


  1. mmmmh, knitting. It's such a lovely activity. Jo, would u be interested in a christmas book blog train I am organising. Basically linking up and posting about a fav christmas book. check out shimelle's forum for more details! would love it if u cud come along for the ride! xxxxxxx

  2. Fantastic! They didn't have wool like that in the 70's. I think she was on drugs you're right.lol. It was great when she turned up on Blue Peter, remember that?

  3. yes, tina heath became a BP presenter didn't she? i loved BP. watched it yesterday cos David Tennant was on and got his gold badge!!! lol
    Jo xxx


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