Saturday, 12 December 2009

Saturday shopping

Now I know what ur thinking, I thought she had no job, however I haven't exactly been the last of the big spenders. I was very keen, ie nuts, and got up at 8am to go into Wells and but this.............

............note the loveliness at the top of the front page. Yes, I queued at 8.45 for a virtually free scarf from Phase 8 which was normally £20.00 but which I got for the price of the paper. Cool huh? They had 3 choices of colour and I chose this one.............

its great as it has blue, lemon, pink etc in it and so will go with loads of things. I was well chuffed.

My next mission was to post a xmas card to Portugal which is where my aunty and uncle live. Once that was sorted I walked around the market which I haven't doen in ages. There were loads of lovely things to see, eat and drink. Lots of handmade goodness likes soaps, jewellery and woolly objects. They also had a craft fair in the town hall so it quite a lovely morning. As I came out of the fair I noticed a stall surrounded by swarms of people and thought ooh must check that out. There I bought these.............

what's in the box and bottles Jo I hear u ask?
Well inside are these...........

which when the camera moves out show these yummy little lovelys!

Inside the little pots are edible glitter as featured on Kirsty's shows so I got some in white and cinnamon to sprinkle on the homemade sweets I'm making for my friends and family.
The cupcakes are also sprinkled with glittery goodness so as Shimelle says love and glitter!!!!

Oh and I'm off to eat them all by myself.........oink, oink!


  1. That scarf is gorgeous!! I totally missed that offer, *doh*.... And oh, those cakes look scrummy :-)

  2. yes the cake i ate was gorgeous. 3 left for tomorrow.
    jo xxx

  3. Are you serious? Edible cake glitter? Sensational!

  4. Jo, we've got a really comprehensive cake decorating shop down the road - I'm going to check them out - thanks for the offer though :-)

  5. ooooh ymu yum! saw the scarf offer but as the newsaper was in the school library, didn't think I could nick it! very jealous of your cakes, being a hungry boarder on a sunday, food left in the tuck box is NIL! hope you are having a lovely weekend xxxxx Abi

  6. I saw that offer and thought it was great. Gorgeous edible glitter!

  7. Oh yum! Bling on your cupcakes, how fab!

  8. hi! ahh would love that! I am in Bath during skl time but it's quite easy to get to from my home! nice to have someone who gets scrapping! Lol! xxxx

  9. Ooh, great scarf! We don't have a Phase Eight locally - I bought a coat from the one in Oxford (lovely red one in the sale!) in January, but it would be nice to have one nearer...
    Edible glitter and glittery cakes... mmmm. You were very disciplined, only eating one and saving the others. I may have eaten at least 2!
    That poor little Hungry Boarder... they don't feed them at school you know!

    BTW I like the idea you thought up, of having a "Blog Meet-up" sometime. Where and when were you thinking of? You could try starting a thread on Shimelle's Forum?


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