Sunday, 13 December 2009


So yesterday after I posted I got another knock regarding my flat. I was given 2 months notice to move out. All because I'm gonna be claiming benefits for a while until I find a job. It never rains, it pours. So last night I spent the evening in tears. But today I dragged myself to church to try and find abit of spiritual support and guidance. It just seems like I'm being tested so much at the moment and I don't know why or when it will be over. Anyway, the sermon today was on Psalms on on one in particular where the exiled Jews returned from Babylon to Judah. The Psalm talks of praise for the things which has happened on the past, prayers for the present and for the future. I have to be honest and say that the future seems very bleak and uncertain at the moment. However I honestly felt uplifted after leaving church. When I got home my dad phoned and asked if he could come over for '' a chat''. Oh er, ominous I thought.
Anyway, it was a lovely time between me and him. We had tea, went through my options. He'd written a list of things he wanted to go over and discuss. He's like that my dad-methodical. So I think we set the world to rights and I am hoping tomorrow will be a fresh and new start. At least I feel I have some options to pursue rather than feeling out of control which is such a terrible feeling to have.
Anyway, enough about the sad stuff, I have had 2 of my lovely cupcakes now, I know I am being very restrained! It was a chocolate one and completely yummy.
2 more left to try...............


  1. Oh, Jo - I am so sorry that you have such big hurdles to jump at the moment. I'm glad you found some solace and guidance from Church - it's a very comforting place at times :-) We have a saying in my family - I'll Send you the 'vibe', it's a mix of prayer, good luck, good wishes and I'm thinking of you all rolled into one ... so - consider the 'vibe' sent your way. Hope today is much better for you :-)

  2. Oh,no Jo. That's a lot to put up with all at once. I hope a bit of really good fortune comes your way very soon. Keep us posted!

  3. jo, i'm so so sorry. I'm so glad you can find such comfort in God. although i've only known you for a few weeks, I feel I have known you for much longer and will be praying real hard about your situation. Oh on a happier note, thanks so much for the invite! Lol! when everything has settled down with u, I wud love to come n scrap! xxxx Abi

  4. Oh my goodness Jo, I'm so sorry. It never rains but it pours. Right there with you, similar circumstances over this way - it can only get better, right :) wishing you all the best xx

  5. Jo, we are in a similar position and have to move out after Christmas somehow, it's hard but we just have to believe God has something for us, the future seems bleak right now (Kev is unemployed) but none of us can see the full picture, My prayer is that you will have a really blessed year and find God's favour in searching for your new home. just remember God is good all the time!
    thanks for sharing
    sending hugs xx


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