Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Xmas all wrapped up?

.............So today began quite well, cold, crisp but abit early for me, 7.15am, I mean come one it's Christmas. Anyway, checked the fudge,.........oops disaster area so it went back in the pan, reheated and beaten within an inch of it's life and the potential of full function in my arms and into the tin agaiun. Half an hour later and hey presto proper, nice tasting fudge. Yippee!!! I think making fudge is like making white sauce, you need loads of patience and good arm, and once you've got it, you've got it. So I felt brave and made another batch this afternoon which is choc and orange, well melted choc and orange bar of chocolate.

Here are the chocolate truffles waiting for a dressing of glitter once they've cooled.........

the first batch of fudge, some with cold dark chocolate topping it........

Finally I made Hokey pokey as Nigella L calls it. Basically it's crunchie bar made from golden syrup and sugar. You add bicarbonate of soda and it goes all frothy and scary, then you cool it and bash it with a rolling pin. Mine's got chocolate on it cos it's for my mum, she loves crunchy. Hopefully this'll keep her going for abit.

So now I'm sitting istening to The Pet Shop Boys, I know not exactly Christmassy but I love them. I have had the carols on today while I worked. Next need to finalise the wrapping of gifts and pack mine and the kitty's little bags for tomorrow's 6 mile trip to Street where they live. I thought I'd leave you with another fave ornament. This one is snowglobe, and who doesn't like them? This one has the Holy family inside and plays Joy to the world. It has loads of glitter in it and I feel Xmasy when it comes out again each year.



  1. You're a fudge perfectionist!! Here we call hokey pokey "yellow man" but I've no idea why. It looks like you really do have Christmas all wrapped up Jo.

  2. Wow...all that fudge is looking delicious....and you've got some stamina with all that mixing...glad it turned out well after the beating you gave it. Have a try of the microwave fudge....very little beating required.

  3. Yummy! Can I come to your house for Christmas... love all those sweeties!

    The snow globe is lovely. We have one, but it's not the Holy Family. It has polar bears inside and white snow. It also plays a tune (but I can't remember what!!!). We've several musical decorations - an angel-bear, which J's great-auntie sent him for his first Christmas, a cake stand that plays "O Come All Ye Faithful", a Nativity with a rotating section that goes round the crib-scene to the tune of "Silent Night" (which is what the snow-bear plays too), a German biscuit tin/music box, which plays a carol too. Spoilt for choice!

    Enjoy yourself at your parents' house. The cats are going with you? That'll be fun!

  4. Nigella was on the telly last Saturday night and she made her Hokey Pokey and I was too slow to write it down - was writing the drumstick recipe instead! Any chance in the new year you could post the recipe? Not to be pushy about what you post or anything ;-)!!!
    I have to say, in one way, I'm glad I'm a long way away from you Christmas celebration - you have far too much yummy stuff that I would scoff the whole day long!
    Merry Christmas Jox


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