Sunday, 17 January 2010


OK so Ugly Betty has gone off for a vacation but today I found Glee........funny, teenage angst and MUSIC............just my thing. Watch Channel 4 for this fab new series.
In other news, Shimelle has started a new project here called 'This is Why'. It's all about why we as individuals scrapbook. I scrapbook for many reasons but mainly for
  • therapy,
  • family history,
  • making new friends,
  • being creative and celebrating that,
  • celebrating different events and just life in general.

I have made my front cover which is very similar in style to Shimelle's because I like it and it inspired me. I found a chipboard sun which I painted and the little journalling spot is just a plain cardboard shape which I have distressed with Ranger distress inks and stamped over with a flower stamp and sprayed with Glimmer mists in silver and rose colours, then stuck to the cover. The cover is made from covered mount board which I get free from the local framer.

The flower is a simple lollipop flower made from 5 layers of handcut circles and then crumpled and held with a flower shaped brad. I then sprayed it with the same glimmer mists and some stickles.

Shimelle made a ribbon and elastic holder which I have also made and just need to add the flower to to hide the stitching.

In non-scrapbooking news, Izzie came home on Friday. She is a much happier car, sounding and running so much better than any time over the past few months.

I have also had an idea for the book club. My idea was a book circle where each participant chooses a book to read each month. We then read our book and write a review. Each of us writes a brief review and we send on our book to the next person on the list, thus making the book club reasonably cheap as it only costs postage and we can send our reviews by email or with the book. By the end we should all have read all of the books and have a list of reviews from other friends and from ourselves in a form we choose, eg a minibook. Obviously you can't read too many books over a year so perhaps we each choose 1 book each therefore we would need 12 people to take part. I don't mind sending books abroad. So if anyone wants to join in let me know.


  1. Glee is amazing isn't it! Gorgeous cover for your album :)

  2. Lovely cover,Jo....and the flower is great.

  3. I am loving Glee, but I can't stop singing Journey!!!

  4. Glee is great! I like your book club idea and you can count me in. I'm glad you got your car back, that's good news.

  5. ooh LOVE the book club idea, I might have trouble posting at skl but i could see what i can do! can u count me in for now?! Off to see the film now, the boy is going to have a soar hand by the end, I am petrified! xxxxx

  6. Lovely cover, and so glad your car is back :-) Great idea for a book club, I daren't commit right now as I've taken on so much else at the moment, but will you all post your reviews at some point please? I'd love to read them! x


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