Monday 18 January 2010

Monday Monday, bah bah badada. today I have taken Izzie out for a little spin which I enjoyed and hope she did too. She is so much happier and sounds much healthier. What a relief. I also caught up on a couple of bits of TV I missed on iplayer via my laptop. What a fabulous invention this is as it enables you to watch tv you either missed or couldnt be bother to stay up for.
So after all this exciting TV madness, I did some srapbooking. I have completed my first page for Shimelle's This is why which I decided to do about my great friend Kathy......

I decided to ink the egdes with distress ink in faded jeans and then spray with glimmer mists. I then stamped at the bottom of the page with a dandelion stamp in pale where the fairies are blowing away. Remember fairies, I still love them, and blowing them brings back such childhood memories. I made the flowers myself, one from cut ribbon sewn together with a button, the other using a ribbon gathered with running stitch and a button added to the centre.

Just a close-up of my lovely friend. This picture was taken at her 50th birthday party which was a freezing cold day in May last year. They decided to have BBQ on Lepe Beach overlooking the Isle of Wight which is a cool place in both senses of the word but amazingly cool that day as it freezing cold. Kathy was given this brilliant hat made of felt with candles on top of it and she looked amazing in it. I love this picture cos she looks so happy and not even 40 let alone 50 years young. It was a fab day anyway and she looks so happy.

Now Kathy is not a girly girl. She lives with 4 big men, a husband and 3 very tall sons. But she is an amazing woman who loves and supports so many people and I wanted to celebrate her as one of my closest friends. There will be more on my friends as this book moves on.
Next I completed my first page for Dolly's 52 in 10 which was to look back at the last 10 years and see how you have changed. Here is the page.............

I decided to have 2 titles as it was looking at 10 years in total and just use 1 picture of me on Millenium eve. The picture was taken when I was still working as a special Care baby nurse at Salisbury District Hospital.

I used a frame from Prima which you have to colour/paint. I used Mica Cosmic Shimmer paints to paint it and the inked the edges slightly in blue. I then framed the photo and placed in on top of some pink card. I painted the edges of the blue card stock with precious pearls paint. The flowers are from a kit. I tried adding some embroidery but had a major disaster when the card ripped.............boohoo, so had to cover the mess with the flowers.

This is the bottom righthand corner. I handcut the flowers from the paper and added pearls to the centres. The numbers are plain chipboard which I added stickle to to replicate the letters used for ''millenium''. I then hand wrote all the information about the story of how life has altered so much since 2000.
In other news, there are 3 of us so far interested in reading together, anyone else fancy joining us? Do read yesterdays post for my idea on how it could work. If you would like to take part please let me know and we can sort something out.


  1. Very nice layouts! I love how you have made the smiley photo of Kathy the central focus. It's in just the right place. Like the fabric flowers (I made some of these - there are some packs of them in my shop lol!).
    The 10 Years layout is really good. Pity about the small disaster with the stitching - did you pierce the holes for the stitching first? That can help avoid rips & tears. Still, with the floral embellishments on top, you'd never know and it looks lovely! You did put a lot of work into it. I made a couple of sparkly layouts, about my nieces. Lots of glittery paint, flowers, glitter glue (stickles - love it!), glossy bits & pieces... Good fun.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog and the book club invitation. I did see your note about the book club. I have been trying to decide if I will join, or not... haven't tried something like this before. Maybe I should! I suppose I'm a fussy reader... having my reading material chosen for me is waaaay outside my usual comfy little rut. It might do me good.... Oh, what the heck, let's live dangerously! Put my name down, but sent me some instructions some time, as I will probably mess up otherwise!

  2. I remember the fairies,Jo...used to love blowing them!!
    Love the layout of your friend....a perfect reason to scrapbook.

  3. Jo, you are a scrapping fiend at the moment - I love what you have been doing lately!
    Also, love how you've been adding to your sidebar - the blog looks sensational .... I think I have forgotten most of what I learnt in BfS - luckily the notes are always available :-)

  4. Wow, you are in a creative mood at the moment..and that's a good thing :) I love your Lo's because there is so much to look at..I love to do a bit of handcutting too and I can see how beautifully you've done those flowers. Great stuff!

  5. your layouts make me happy!!! i love all the colors you used!

  6. Lovely layouts - and well rescued after the embroidery disaster! I'd never have known :-)


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