Thursday, 14 January 2010


............So just to let you know I didn't get the job, I have to be honest I didn't really want it after what had led up to me losing it in the first place, however it would also have been nice not to have to worry about applying for more and doing the dreaded interviews. Anyway, I will move onwards and upwards. I specifically booked an appointment with my CPN Barney so we could mull over the interview etc and catch up and it was helpful to be able to chat to someone else rather than come home and dwell on what I did or said alone. My dad was brilliant and came and took me there cos I still have no car..............hopefully tomorrow.
Anyway, I came home feeling OKish and have been reading my class handout for Wellness week 3, the class my sis bought me for Christmas. An this quote was at the top of the first page.....

An obstacle is often an
unrecognized opportunity
I have been thinking about that a while. I had so many people praying for me I know during the interview and before and also thinking about me if they are not Christians so there were plenty of positive vibes floating around. My dad had wanted me to apply when I said I didn't want to because I felt so insecure about the whole thing. But he said ''Your mother and I are very proud of what you have achieved and the fact that you have applied, even if only because we asked, shows immense strength of character''. I think if anything that is what my opportunity is today, to recognise in myself strength of character. Some of you, blog friends, have been kind enough to say how strong I appear to have remained, believe me I haven't been, however I am trying hard to develop that belief in myself that some many other people seem to have. For that I thank you all.

In other news, the infamous travel journal is now winging it's way to Dubai to the heat and desert where my lil sis and her boyfriend have gone this afternoon. They are about 4 hours into the flight so hopefully enjoying the inflight services by now. I have spoken to the bank again today and they have said that I can get at some of my money in my frozen account tomorrow if I go into the local branch.......yippeeeeee. Hopefully Izzie, my car, will be fixed tomorrow lunchtime so I will have wheels again, double yippeeeeeee. Anyway, off to decide what to cook for tea and maybe some scrapbooking therapy. Have a lovely evening and thanx for reading. Oh before I go have you all popped over to Shimmelle's blog to see what she's up to cos there is something new if you haven't. TTFN.......


  1. Oh hun, I'm sorry you didn't get it but glad to hear you sounding positive about the situation. It does sound like you'll look back and be sure it wouldn't have been right. I'll keep praying that the right thing comes along xx

  2. Well Jo, I am sorry you didn't get the job, because you need the money. But you could be right - maybe it's an opportunity for you to do something else. Your nursing experience would fit you for other jobs too... would one of the charities be looking for staff (paid of course!), and maybe be interested in you? Just a thought - I had a friend who worked for an MS charity, helping & supporting people in their homes. Not saying that's what you should do, but it's kind-of different to hospital nursing. What else could you do? Maybe it's time to think outside that envelope!
    I don't think you have been giving yourself credit for sticking to this, applying for a job, working for the interview and going there & doing it. And you know, we all have times where we don't feel as confident as we appear! Stay brave and keep going - you will find something and you will get there.
    Well done so far and good luck for the next thing!
    I hope you can get Izzie back tomorrow and have her back on the road etc. Glad the bank are being more supportive.
    Have a good evening. x

  3. Jo, I am so so sorry the job didn't turn out good but u know what, God has some awesome plans and this is just a step closer to what he's got prepared. I really like Lizzie's idea, it sounds awesome. Also have u considered working in a school? My boarding school has a medical centre and nurses who work in there on shifts. There are loads of boarding schools around where u live, perhaps give that a try! Glad the bank are being nice again. What a cheek to freeze your own money! grrr... oh no so glad ure car has a name, ours is called william! lOl! xxxx

  4. I think Lizzie has some great ideas for you as well Jo :-)
    Let's hope Izzie is back on her feet tomorrow and the bank will cooperate!

  5. You are brave and strong Jo. I have no doubt of it. Funny Lizzie should suggest that because I was going to say my mum has MS and I know that great carers are hard to find.

  6. JO,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I"m not sure why yours isn't on my regular rotation/google reader from Shimelle's class. So I'm a new reader. I want to say that I find your Wellness page very touching and beautifully created. I also really like the bird up top.
    Best of luck to you in your job search,


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