Friday, 22 January 2010

Weekend away!!!

......this weelend I am off to East Sussex........Seaford to be celebrate the 90th birthday of my great, great aunt Whyla. Now as this is a big bday party there will be champagne and I have behave poshly..............ooh er! My godmother is her eldest daughter so will get a photo of us together and she may perform so if I can figure out how to video on my camera we may get a personal sneak peak!!!! By the way she told me she has been watching Popstar to operastar and rates the girl from Shakespeare's Sister, so if that's Marcella Detroit she's got Flott's vote.
See you all Sunday, off in about an hour. Have g8 weekend whatever you're up to


  1. Just along the coast from me,Jo....have a great weekend.

  2. Have a lovely time! Having a great, great aunt is really something. Wow. I hope you get some video!

  3. Have a fantastic time :-) Good luck with the behaving poshly ;-)

    PS Can't think of anything else to sggest with the Wordles, sorry :-( When I go through the process I described they come out at a decent size (about 800 pixels wide) without me needing to change any other settings. The FAQs may have some other ideas? x

  4. Have a lovely lovely time Jo. So sorry i have left your blog for a bit. Skl n stuff. I am so sorry to hear about the job thing but have a great time this weekend. Enjoy yourself. You are amazing and a very talented crafter! xxx

  5. Have fun! Champers sounds well earned after your week!

  6. Hope you've had a good weekend and a great party!
    I'm glad your godmother likes Marcella Detroit - I do too - it's nice to be right!


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