Thursday, 21 January 2010


.............did preparation, arrived on time, no problems answering the questions and I felt I interviewed really well. But this afternoon at 4.30 I was informed I DID NOT get the post. I was 1 point shy!!!! Now if you are unemployed and fed up do u really feel knowing that yoiu are just not quite good enough for the job is a g8 idea when informing a candidate? I have to says IT IS NOT.!!!
Now I feel like a pile of rubbish..............more so than normal. So will have to start applying for some more jobs and face the prospect of longer unemployment than I thought.

If this is a test, it's very hard and not remotely funny.


  1. Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry! I hope you feel better and more positive about it all soon, and I'll be thinking of you xx

  2. I'm so sorry, most certainly are NOT rubbish....and the right job will come's just so hard waiting for it. Sending you hugs.

  3. Jo! I'm so sorry that you didn't get the job you were hoping for but please, please don't feel as though you are 'rubbish' or 'not good enough'. You were only 1 point shy, not a million miles off - and although I know that it's not a consolation it does mean that you aren't far off a wonderful job. They will have told you how close you were only to help you see that!

    Try to think of it as practice and look forward to improving. And, yes, I know it's difficult and, yes, I shall try to remember this if, and when, I actually get an interview!!!

    Trust me, getting an interview at all is an acheivement at the moment xxx

  4. thanx ladies for your positivity, much appreciated. feel much better post-rant it was just my ideal job and i felt so g8 about the interview. anyway there are a few more options in my job basket on the nhs website so i will go over and apply for some others.
    Jo xxx

  5. So sorry you didn't get the job. I think Clair is right though - they told you you were 1 point off getting the job because they wanted to encourage you to keep trying, not to be mean. It's rotten to be pipped at the post, but do feel encouraged about the 1 point thing... ?
    It's good that the interview went well - it shows that your revision was done well and the hard work was worthwhile.
    Keep trying! Keep trying! Don't give up!
    We're all rooting for you, Jo!

  6. The others have said it all..the interview went well so obviously all your preparation was exactly the right thing. If you are desperate to know what the point was for you could ask? Don't they have to tell you if you ask? Please, please keep trying you are more than good enough!

  7. Oh Jo! I hate these points systems, it's a big cop out way of keeping them from making a decision! You obviously did wonderfully well so take that forward with you for the next time


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