Monday, 11 January 2010

What makes you angry?

..............normally I would say not alot. I get ''narky'' about stuff but not full scale anger. Well to day I had had enough. My parents very kindly put some money into my bank account so I could pay my annual nurse registration fees which were due a couple of weeks ago. So off I go today to get the postal order and do a couple of other bits in Wells with the £4.00 in cash I won. Got to the post office to pay everything and my card is declined. Mmmh thinks me, best go to bank. So off I plod, try the cash till but it says I have to activate my card, well seeing as how the card is 2 years old, my brain goes into slightly irritable mode. Wait in line to speak to a manager and they look everything up on the computer and all it tells them is to phone another department. She sepaks to them and they inform her they have put my account on hold because my main account is overdrawn. No w appart from the fact that I don't have enough money to pay the overdraft because I have no job and no benefits have come through yet, they are preventing me from accessing my own money. So I proceed to have hysterics in the branch and go into a quiet room. All the bank can offer is Citizen's advise. So I can't get at my money, what I have anyway which isn't much, because the bank are *********!!!!!! So suffice to say I am Mrs Angry of Wells today.
Anyway in order to get rid of these feelings of nastiness cos I hate feeling this way, I thougt I'll watch Lewis on itv player only for the sound on my computer to die 3/4 of the way through! So now I'm really bereft and decide to scrap my ''All ab out me LO'' under this theme. I've written it about cold callers as I get loads of those at the moment cos I'm off work and they are mega-irritating.

I called the LO ''See red''. I have used some bits of leaflets from my bank but painted over them so you can't see who I'm moaning about after all all I need is to be sued by them!

I found these tickets in my stash and the letters are Sassafrass chipboard.

I used a red glimmer mist on the card and black paint on a glue inner and some red stickles.


  1. Go Jo! Does you good to scrap about stuff like this sometimes :)

  2. Hope it helped get it all out of your system,Jo.

  3. I can really relate with being upset with that particular problem. Been there done that. I hope the scraptherapy helped to get you through the day. HOpe things get better!

  4. The banks are just the same here - very unaccommodating :-(
    Good for you to turn your anger into some creative energy!

  5. Oh, babe - so sorry to hear about your hassles xx

    Love your layout though, and I do hope it helped you to feel better :-)

  6. thanx for all your kind words and yes i do feel better after scrapping it. at least i didn't want to go out and murder the banks anymore!!!!!!!! i have done some more work since and will hopefully be more positive again tomorrow.
    Jo xxx

  7. Poor Jo! I have been in this situation, though I'm lucky that it wasn't recently.
    I would call the Citizens' Advice people if you can - they may be able to help.
    Meanwhile, is the overdraft you have an "unauthorised" one? That may be the reason they have frozen your accounts. Also, unauthorised overdrafts have ridiculously high charges, so it would be worth trying to "legitimise" the overdraft. Citizens' Advice should be able to advise you about that sort of stuff and what your rights are regarding your money etc. and may be able to help you negotiate a solution that satisfies the bank.
    I hope you can get it sorted out soon. It's horrible not to be able to do what we need to (let alone what we would like) because of money - especially if it's benefits that haven't been sorted out properly.

    The layout is great. Hope it helped you get it out of your system!

  8. Therapeutic scrapbooking at its best! I'm not surprised you were angry, it's a miserable situation for them to put you in and I hope the benefits come through quickly. x

  9. hugs for you sweetie - - and thank you soo much for sharing your story and your layout with us over at AAM!



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