Tuesday, 12 January 2010


............big kisses to all my lovely readers who all cheered me up so much yesterday and I have stopped ranting now and feel calm and soothed. I feel so mellow in fact that I even forgive my bank!!! Lol.
Anyway today it has started snowing again, they have suggested at various points of the day,-no snow, al little snow and heavy snow for our area- I think they're just covering their back really. So I haven't done alot today other than sort out my portfolio ready for Thursdays interview and trawl through 100s of documents from the Dept of Health and lots of nursing sites to find things they could ask me about. It is very hardwork being interviewed these days cos you really do need to be as up-to-date as possible on the latest thing.

After my ranting LO yesterday I did one for The Studio challenge which was to do with what you are afraid of. I am mostly afraid of becoming lost in my mental illness. I don't think I will you understand but there are times when my bipolar gets the better of me and I do ''lose'' myself in a world where I can't focus or concentrate. It's a simple LO with alot of white spcae which was one of the prerequisites.

You also had to use 3 pidtures so I used some old passport ones I found.

Here is a closec up of the title and brief journelling. I have also been working on a small art project for my Ali Edwars word for 2010 which I will share later.


  1. Another lovely LO,Jo....glad you are feeling more chilled today.

  2. Very honest LO Jo, loving the white space

  3. I'm glad you feel better today. It is so frustrating to feel that you have no control over a situation. I hope the money issues get sorted quickly.

    Best of luck with your interview. You're obviously working hard towards it - you deserve to do well.

    I like the layout. I have never done one with quite as much "white space", but you have done it very successfully. Very brave to be so honest about your illness. I do see where you're coming from - I have a good friend with bipolar and she has had some awful times with it!

    I'll look out for the Ali Edwards project then...

  4. Fabulous Jo!
    I love white space as I'm sure you could imagine!!! Papers are gorgeous :-)
    Good luck for the interview .... I'm sure I'll pop by again before then though!

  5. Best of luck with the interview! One of the things I love about you is your openness and honesty about your illness..as your blog continues to grow I think you'll inspire more people than you can imagine

  6. Wow! love the blog redesign and I love the pages! Well done you!

    Just a heads up that there will be a "Being Your"
    project post tomorrow on my blog. Come and see me and check it out :)

  7. Good for you, scrapping such honest and personal subjects at the moment :-) Hope it proves cathartic. And - GOOD LUCK!! xx


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