Tuesday, 16 February 2010

10 favourite films..................

................. so on Sunday I had an interesting day, I had a wonderful lunch with my parents, came home and had to call an ambulance as I developed severe vertigo. Anyway, I seem alot better now so I am going to do a little blogpost about something I was talking about with my parents, my favourite films! Now I love films and when I say love I mean LOVE. We were chatting about the film above, Field of Dreams which they had watched on Saturday afternoon. This is one of my all time fave movies, I cry everytime even though I have seen it literally 100s of times when I'm ironing. There is something so wonderful, nostalgic and honest about this film about a farmer who hears a vpoice while out checking his crops and ploughs into his fields because he thinks he will see Shoeless Joe Jackson if he builds him a baseball field. Of course he is not the man he is actually building the field for, but he doesn't know that unitl the end. So here are a few others in no particular order.
When I first saw this film, I was going through a very similar experience of attempting to deal with a friend becoming a boyfriend kind of thing. It didn't work but I do not agree that men and women cannot be friends. This film is just funny on so many levels and is cute and romantic. The music is perfect and the city of New York is also shown as a romantic place to be.
Ahhhhhhhhhhh Doris Day. I love her musical films, and I love her comedies. One of my favourites is The Thrill of It All where she is paired with James Garner and becomes an advert hostess for Happy Soap. There are some truly comedic, magical moments like when all the soap packets fall in their pool and the children think it's snowed. She made several films with JG however her best are with Rock Hudson. My fave is Pillow Talk. She plays a prudish interior designer and he plays a song writer. They share a partyline..............apparently something that went on in America for alongtime. He is a terrible philanderer and she keeps picking up the phone and having to listen to it. They become ''frenemies'' and then he sees her and falls for her!!!! Yoiu can imagine the rest.

Shaun of the Dead, well who else can make Zombies so funny.

Ah, this movie was one of the films which made me sit up and notice Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins. They portray wounded but not innocent men in prison. The experiences they both go through are both harrowing, courageous and funny. This is a truly inspiring film and worth the upsetting parts for the amazing ending. It truly does inspire you.

OK so I couldn't have a list without a musical and what better than The Sound of Music. Now I first saw this at my nanny's house and honestly tend to switch off after the wedding but I love the songs, dancing, scenery and it works brilliantly on stage too. I saw it a couple of years ago with Summer Strallen in the West End and also in Worthing with Bruce Forsythe's supporting lady Isla Blair I think her name was.
Next one of the best thrillers ever written, The Usual Suspects. I'm sure I know who Kizer Soze is but everytime I watch it I'm still questioning if it really is who it appears to be.

OK more music but this is one of only 2 Adam Sandler films I love. 80s music and Drew Barrymore.............adorable. The other is 50 first dates which stars the same actors. Both brilliantly funny and also poignant in the latters case. Anything with a walrus and penguins makes my day.

Finally for this list, Enchanted. A classic reworking of the fairytale where instead of turning into a cartoon the hero and heroine turn into real people and have to figure out how to find each other and share truelove's kiss in modern New York. Brilliant.

Plus any film which can get cockroaches, pigeons and rats to whistle while they work is a winner.
If you haven't seen any of these, give them go.


  1. You poor thing - glad you're feeling better now xx

    I've seen (and enjoyed) most of the films on your list, but there are a couple that are new to me, so thanks for the recommendations :-)

  2. I love all of those films - excellent choices x

  3. Love your film list. I specially like The Shawshank Redemption and The Usual Suspects, of the films I've seen in their genre. Sound of Music is sooo cool and When Harry Met Sally is pretty good too.

    Sorry you weren't well. I have had probs with attacks of vertigo since my accident. It's definitely not funny - not surprised you called an ambulance! Maybe some fluid in your ears, or some goo left from fluey symptoms? I got given seasick tablets for mine - they really help (and they're cheaper than - and the same stuff as -the meds on prescription)! Hope yours clears up quick and no recurrences. XX

  4. Gosh Jo, are you ok now? Would it have happened as a result of side effects from the pig flu and the medication?

    Great post! I love a few you have mentioned - I might have to blog about this topic as well .... great fun!

  5. Ooh, vertigo doesn't sound at all nice. i hope you are feeling better again. I've heard of the motion sickness tablet cure too, they really are supposed to help. Good film selection! I love Shawshank Redemption and I'm a bit of a Doris Day fan too :)

  6. Read your note on my blog. Glad you're starting to feel better. It takes a few days to completely settle down, as all the nausea stuff upsets your digestive system. Take it easy! Hope your system is soon back to normal and you begin to feel better - it's not the best time of year to be run-down as it's so dull and miserable anyway. We all need a dose of sunshine.


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