Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Just a quicky....... before the Sunday evening disaster, my mum gave me this which she had forgotten she had bought me for Christmas. Oooh I can see loads of uses for this amazing contraption, can't you. So much yummy cakiness..........thinking Easter eggs and bunnies at the mo.

just the cake stand I must add none of the cakes included!

Also today I have applied for 4 jobs, uploaded my CV to a website and had a phonecall from an agency based primarily on that CV so watch this space.


  1. Some really positive things happening then Jo...and love that cake stand....shame the cakes weren't included.

  2. Oh Jo, what a super-duper brilliant pressie! Just right for Easter stuff.. go see my blog then - you can make some Easter Bunnies etc.

    Well done with the CV and job applications. And best of luck!


  3. You are going to have a lot of fun with the cake stand Jo!

    Great news on the applications ... will keep my fingers crossed for you :-)

  4. I'd love one of those, it's a great gadget! And, yes, I'll be watching this space. Good luck!

  5. Lovely cake stand, great present! Good luck with the jobs :) x

  6. Love the cake stand!! And good luck with the jobs, great news about the agency contacting you xx

  7. I need one of those!! Must indulge this need at some point in the future :)
    Good luck with the applications!


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