Thursday, 18 February 2010

Here's one for Mel

.......................can you all see the words which are quite pale on the background of this LO? It is easier to see at the top, but Jessica S has just shown me how to use my wordles to add into LOs, how cool is that!!!!!


  1. Now that is WELL cool!! I want to do that!! Was it in one of her classes??? Can it be done with any image, is that how you do it??? I LOVE this!!

    I also love your layout lol...

  2. This is great Jo! It's looking really good and I'm so pleased that you're enjoying your class x

  3. Fantastic Jo!
    Which class is this one?

  4. ooh, it's like one of those word scrap papers, only much better because it's your very own words!
    Great layout, Jo. And I would also like to know where/how you found out the way to do this... please?


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