Thursday 4 February 2010

What have you got???!!

...............anyone good at PictionaRY? This is what I have got!!! Oink, oink!!!


  1. Oh, no! It took me a minute, and then it clicked. That'll explain why you are feeling so wretched then. I hope you start to feel better soon Jo. Take it easy and don't try to do too much x

  2. You poor thing xx I had a very mild case last term - sounds like yours isn't so mild. Take care xx

  3. Oh, my sympathy. My sister is suffering with this at the moment and sounds more wretched than I have ever heard her on the phone. Much love x

  4. Thanx guys,
    Had x 2 Tamiflu so far and feeling abit better. Hope 2morrow will have lost my wiggly pink tail!!
    Jo xxx

  5. Poor Jo! How awful. No wonder you have felt so terrible. I really hope you recover quickly. Lots of nice hot squash and those Tamiflu's then... xx

  6. Oh dear, oh dear ..... the tail will be gone in no time ;-)
    Rest up :-)


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