Wednesday, 24 February 2010

You never know............ today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed I think cos I felt really despondent about the whole-being unemployed- thing. I couldn't shake the feeling that someone had missed me off their mailing list of things to send out.
Anyway, this afternoon, I checked my emails and I've got a job interview on the 5th March for a job I applied for with NHS Direct in Bristol. Woop number 1.
Then Shimelle has been going on about a new class and has finally explained what it's about here

It's a class about using up all your stash, definately need to do that as have too much!!!!! She also is doing a giveaway of the new Pencil Lines sketches book. Her class is only 10 pounds for 3 weeks and they're always g8 fun and very informative, give it a go. I have treated myself.

Here is another LO from Cathy Z class, which is of my baby fluff Willow. Isn't she cute??


  1. Have signed up as well,Jo...definately need ideas for using up all my old stash.Love the LO...and great news on the interview front.

  2. Aw, hun - I was going to leave a message for you, had a funny feeling you might not be feeling too good - physically or emotionally! So pleased to hear about the interview, wishing you all the very best with it xx

    And yup, I've signed up for the class too lol - looks like I'll recognise a lot of my classmates!

  3. ahhh! Good luck with the job interview! Wonderful news. I hope it goes very, very well. You certainly deserve it!

    Cutie-pie puss-cat! Great layout, Jo.

    And I am thinking about the Shimelle course.. still not sure if I should. I'm trying to reduce the extra things that are stopping me from working at my book-binding and scrapping work... but maybe this is something that will help me focus. Hmm...

  4. Woop, woop! Well done Jo.

    I have to confess .... I'm not a cat girl - BUT this one is a gorgeous looking cat!
    I have not had a look at the class details yet ... will head on over and check it out!

  5. Glad things are looking up a little. Good luck with the interview (I'll have my fingers crossed.)

    Your digi layouts are coming along nicely too x

  6. Good luck with your continued job hunting. That's so hard to be out of work and the looking for a new job so exhausing. I love your digi Layouts. I didn't realize that your were doing digi and hybrid.

  7. Very best of luck with the job interview, I'll be thinking about you. I've signed up to Shimelle's class too :)

  8. Yay Jo!! Got everything crossed for you :)

  9. gorgeous photos of willow, i havent been to see the class yet but prob struggle to keep up these days lol


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