Thursday, 25 February 2010

So I thought Id upload the latest digital LOs from Cathy Zs class. These 2 are a double page spread featuring my friend's son Jonathin at his 6th Cowboy party. You have never seen a party organiser like my friend. She made a Mexican sweet holding thing out of papiere mache and a balloon and made up aload of cool cowboy games. I helped them all make cowboy/girl bookmarks, there were cowpat biscuits and sheriff star bicuits and a sherriff cake. Jonny had a fab time..............

The second layout is about having swine flu, need I say more!!!!
So today I signed on as I have to do every fortnight and then went to see the aged P's, that's parents for those not familiar with Dickens. My poor dad was in a right state, he actually cried. He is an Engineer and does training and consultancy work. He's been asked to do this lecture and it's really gotten on top of him. It keeps changing and so he has to alter all his presentation and he is not the best at IT so is wobbling abit under the strain. I felt really awful for him. Anyway we went on a little walk and I helped him by doing a precis of his life story for the big day.
Anyway, that's all for today, tired tonight as the fantastic twosome otherwise known as my 2 cats keep waking me up at an ungodly hour chasing around the flat and using me as a hurdle. I'm going to have to sit them on the naughty mat I think or get Jo Frost round with a sticker chart!!!!


  1. HA! I have The Supernanny book - some of it isn't bad .... both of the kids hate the naughty chair and it stops the behaviour when threatened! Sticker charts do work well ... not sure how responsive the cats would be???!!!

  2. Funny, I always imagine your Dad as a vicar and it was your Grandpa, wasn't it? I'm sure your helping him out gave him a lot of pleasure :)

  3. Tell your dad not to worry, if he's enthusiastic about his subject, no-one will pay any attention to a few slides out of order. Hope you're keeping well x

  4. Your poor Dad - sorry to hear about his stresses x

    Great layouts hun :-)

  5. Ahh, poor Dad! It's horrible when people keep changing their minds about things. It's good to have family around to give moral (and practical) support. You were just returning a favour really - they've been so helpful to you recently, haven't they? I think your parents sound like lovely people, Jo. Hope the presentation goes well - and Clair is right, enthusiasm and interest are catching!

    The cowboy party looks as if it was loads of fun. The layout is great too.
    So glad you're over that awful flu now (as I am sure you are too!!).

  6. What an adorabel looking cowboy.
    Hugs for your dad.


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