Monday 1 March 2010

Daffodils and leeks.

............Happy St David's Day to you, Happy St David's day to u, Happy St David's day dear bloggers, Happy St David's Day to you.

So today, March 1st is St David's Day so all my lovely Welsh readers are celebrating in style. I love Wales, have been to several parts, The Brecons, Pembrokeshire, North Wales around Ruthin and lots of other parts. I think it has the most beautiful heritage and countryside, and some of the most amazing voices I have ever heard..........Bryn Terfel anyone? So enjoy ur day. I can also say I am descended from Welsh stock as my great=grandparents were Jones's and my great grandmother was a Morgan. My GGD fought in the Boer War with the South Wales Borderers so I hope I can claim a small amount of Welsh blood for my own.
It is also the 3rd birthday of Little E my friend's daughter so Happy St David's day and bday to her.
This weekend has been full and fun. I went to my monthly crop in Brent Knoll on Saturday and met up with some friends. I was scrapbooking my friend Sarah and Graham's wedding pics, they are Lil E's parents,. It was one of the best weddings I've ever been to. They announced their engagement all of a sudden in February of 2002 and Sarah explained they'd been secretly engaged for about 3 months, naughty things!!!!!! They were getting married in the August of that year so it felt so fast. The day was gorgeous, blue skies and sunshine and they got married in an intimate family/friends ceremony at a club looking over the Thames in Henley where they grew up. I read poem by Cristina ROssetti which was lovely and I helped chose. Everyone cried which was perfect. Sarah looked perfect and so did Graham and everyone had a fabulous day and evening. Some of us had abit too fabulous time and woke up with awful hangovers, Louise, but I felt fine. This is the double page LO I completed

............the above page I kept reasonably simple for me. I used a red cardstock and layered the 3 photos on a pale grey carstock. The patterned music paper I aged with Tim Holtz distress inks and then punched a border using a Martha Stewart punch to emulate wedding lace and layered it over pale pink cardstock also punched to make a lace border. Heart chipboard is covered with a velvet feel paper and I wrapped 2 different ribbons around it. The flowers are from Prima and the red floral velvet rubon is by Laura Ashley with some Basic Grey green beads/bling to compliment Sarah's bouquet.

...............for this page I used the same base cardstock stocks and cut 2 pieces of pink cardstock which I used to make lacelike borders to the pale grey. I used a large picture of Sarah's bouquet, no I did chop her head off on purpose! I mounted the fullsized picutre of Sarah, she's sipping Pimms not beer as my mother said, I mean this was Henley darlings. I added a lace frame made from cream lace to emulate the pink card and bridal lace. I stictched pink cirlce, didnt have gold and made 2 flowers, one of blue music paper with glitter on and a handmade pink tulle one and used the same green flourishes to emulate the previous page and flower arrangement. The music paper I aged and scuffed and added some pearl beads.................and the second page is based on the scraplift challenge we do every month and guess what.......................I WON!!!!!!! First time ever. I was so excited. So next month I get to spend a voucher in the shop.

Here are some close ups of some of the page elements................

Yesterday we all met up with my lil sis and her boyfriend who have at last returned from South Africa after 6 weeks away............lucky things. We had a gorgeous meal at a local pub and a walk. We talked jobs cos lil sis wanted to know what was going on. Now I was abit taken aback by her attitude. Whether it's because she works as a contractor through an agency but she felt it was ok for me to take any job even if I only wanted to work for them for a few months until something better came along. I said I didn't feel that was fair to the employer especially as they would have to provide me with a reference but she said they expect it. What do you think, is it ok?
ANyway, I went online again as I do everyday and applied for 3 jobs last night and had a phonecall about one of them today. Will see how it pans out but it sounded very positive.
Tonight I have the Brownie leader coming as I used to be a Brownie helper in Southampton and thought it would be a good thing to do again so see what is on offer there.
Anyone else doing Shimelle's new class? If so u can access the forum pages from today. Would be lovely to see somemore friends there.


  1. That is an amazingly busy weekend! It sounds like a fab one, too. Your pages are so very pretty, and I loved seeing the closeups..definitely worth putting them in. Well done on your win!

    Re the jobs. I think your sis might have a point. Most places do expect that kind of thing now. I have a doctor friend who says when they appoint new juniors they only actually expect half of them to start work, the others will already be applying for better jobs.

    Happy St. David's! I'm half Welsh :) But you probably guessed that from my name:)

  2. These pages are gorgeous, the way you've used the music paper....everything works perfectly together.
    See you in clas!!

  3. I'll see you in class :-) Oh, and I'm part-Welsh - my grandfather was Jones - perhaps we're related? ;-)

    Good luck with the jobs. Your sister may well be right but I understand and respect your scruples. I wish you all the best with the job hunt and with sorting out what to do with this new idea xx

  4. I completely forgot to say how much I like the layouts, and congrats on your win! Sorry.... xx

  5. So much to catch up on Jo! Sounds like a great weekend - I say give things a go with the jobs, maybe it is a good way for you to just get out there and into something - if it isn't your ideal job perhaps that will come - you never know :-)
    Congrats on the win!


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